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A few months ago I was prescribed Rasagiline to counter ‘wear off’. All seemed ok but then I started experiencing what I believe to be dyskinesia or Dystonia. It got so bad, my back muscles tensed up so much, the pain was unbearable. I spoke to my PD nurse who told me to stop Rasagiline. Then I mentioned I was getting over a really heavy cold (man-flu), first in around 10yrs. She then explained that illnesses like this tend to target PD and make symptoms a lot worse and even cause new symptoms.
Now I’m over my ‘man-flu’, my symptoms of dyskinesia and Dystonia have reduced a fair amount, no more back muscle pain. I’m now unsure whether the cause was the Rasagiline or man-flu.
Has anyone experienced similar when being flattened by a cold, flu or other illness?

I haven’t had the problem with colds or flu bur I did stop taking rasagaline for a while and when I restarted it my dyskinesia got a million times worse. I stopped talking it again and it’s been a big improvement.

I can confirm that when hubby gets the sniffles :sneezing_face: his medication seems to have less effect.

It clears up a day or two after the worst has been overcome. :upside_down_face:

. ThaT sounds very famiIiar - the symptoms being worse when under the weather

I don’t take any drugs as I already have a lot of dyskinesias.

I rely on exercise to keep on top of the stiffness - mostly yoga & cycling

. This winter had the usual bug starting with small headache & vomits - feeling really vile then weeks to shake it off the general yukkiness

But this yea r my muscles really ached - felt it in hips & arms & PAIN IN lower back mostly left side. On worst day only managed the shortest walk to take the rubbish out as back so sore.

Looked up yoga for back pain on youtube & did the gentlest of exercises then slowly slowly built up the cycling again.

Also Tried to do a bit more walking as moving so much when sitting ( Have akathisia too – inability to sit still)
think it was it was aggravating back pain …

T wo months on feeling petty perky again despite frustrating sleep pattern. The only good thing about f eeling ill is when you manage to sleep without waking up after two hours & being able to get back to sleep after a trip to the loo…

Youtube yoga:

These two ladies have loads of free videos with no interruptions from adverts.

Yoga with adriene

Yoga with charlie follows

Thanks SG. My increased symptoms have definitely reduced since my excellent PD nurse stopped it. Trouble is, I’m now getting the ‘wear off’ again albeit occasionally. I see her Wednesday to discuss this. I have 2 other theories about this too… caused by tiredness due to insomnia or my intake of protein. Currently monitoring minor changes I’ve made.

Thanks Anna. Interesting! Just what my PD nurse says. Which makes me think it could be linked to being run down when ill and in my case, severe lack of sleep.

Yeah, I hear ya.

Thanks for the link. I’ll take a look. When I awake (usually 3 or 4 am) I get up and do a light weights workout and lots of stretches. Important to keep mobile. I also joined the gym. I’ve always been physically fit until PD slowed me up. It helps a lot but much harder nowadays :joy:.
Most gyms offer reduced rates for people with PD and other illness etc. I pay £20 a month and get full access to all activities.

Everything is worse when I’m tired, ill of stressed. I think that’s pretty normal for PD.

Yeah, I hear you Podd. Whenever I feel ‘slow, off etc’, I try and make a conscious effort to allow my body to be strong and fight it. Sometimes works, sometimes not. I just dropped a frozen chicken on my foot :rofl:

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