Cold Showers

Hi x there’s been quite a lot in the press recently re benefits of cold showers, ( even Eamon Holmes has been partaking). They are supposed to boost your immune system and brain power.
My question is has anyone else tried? Any thoughts?

Adding on to that my massage therapist introduced me to Wim Hof who is know as the ‘ice man’ and has a programme that combines breathing and cold water. ( re Netflix GOOP lab episode 2).
Again anyone experience of this ?

Hi Maggie,
I take cold showers after hearing Vim Hof speak.
I find them helpful in waking me up in the mornings and feeling more alive. I have only recently started so can’t say the benefits of long term use but for now I feel I get something from them. I imagine the cold droplets waking up my dying cells.
Good luck, Linda

Hi Linda,
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Hi Linda,
Glad I am not only one trying this cold therapy😂. Been two weeks and almost finding the cold addictive( although I do start with a hot shower then turn to the cold side).

Definitely wakes you up, and helps with cramp like discomfort in my foot and lower leg. So will keep going.

Hi, my P. started way back in 2002 and was diagnosed in 2006 and I used to be a professional sportsman…and I do not know when it ALL STARTED, but ice cold showers are extremely usefful for me and always give me a 10 minutes brake from my condition, even if I hold my head under ice cold water, especially in the summer, but also in wintertime I find it elevating and esaes my mood and physical misery.greatly… I can tell you I am a cold shower addict!

Experiencing a positive shift in my health and recovery journey since incorporating a portable ice bath. The rejuvenating effects are undeniable, providing a refreshing boost after each session. Here’s to embracing the chill and witnessing the transformative impact on well-being!