Cold weather

Oh well just 2 months ago all my aches & pains had gone away on holiday in turkey walking was good  ,felt better inside myself ,I was feeling good just in the English sun but i must say theres something about the weather abroad.Well woke up this morning about 10 am ,wife wakes me at 8 am to take meds then i drift of again ! got out of bed knees in pain ,back felt like a old person could tell straight away here we go again another pd battle until the sun shines again next year .I wonder whether people with pd could get some sort of time share holidays going well maybe wish full thinking ! oh well had my mone just another part of pd to battle !


That would be great gus, chance would be a fine thing! Just I don't like flying but I could always try getting there by coach! I hate the cold weather it make my tremor worse and gives me aches and pains also.


Gus, have you tried taking vitamin D in the winter?

yeah tried vitamins A -Z  none of them work just fish oil seems to ease bones a bit thanks for re plys both of you ! grit teeth and put a good fight up .


I love the autumn winter season being out on the bank or beach fishing, people often think of it as a dead time of year nature wise but it has a feel too it and much is going on around too observe and take photos of for me anyway, but i am now struggling much the same. i had vit d deficiency while in the process of diagnosis i was given a course of vit d pills too take that hasn't been monitored 2 yrs down the line.