Colds and Flu

I have had a cold for a few days now. The type of cold which would have previously made me feel rotten for a day now is early a week old and although the sneezing and dripping have stopped I still feel weak and woolly, Is this usual when you have PD?

Any tips for getting rid?
Hi Caroline,

Have you thought of visiting your GP to see if you need any antibiotics? I am sorry you have been suffering for a while. I hope you feel better soon xx
Hello caroline, last time I got a cold it took ages to shake off. I was shaking and just could not keep warm. Knocked me for six. So I wonder if our immune system can no longer cope with a common cold. Have you had a flu injection ?
Get well soon x

YesI had a flu jab, but it only protects you from certain flu's. I think it is just a cold that I can't seem to shake off.

Thanks Jane, if it doesn't go soon I will go to the doctors.x
Hi Caroline, Yes I have found with my husband for whom I am carer , that the cold actually makes his pd worse and then when the cold is over it all goes better again. A few years ago, before he was on medication he was SO ill , he only had a small cold and yet his pd advanced a lot and when I spoke to nhs direct they got me a parkinsons doc who said this is the case that the cold makes all the symptoms worse until the cold is over. However I have also found that the doc wont give antibiotics unless his lungs are below a certain output and she still prefers him to just get over it himself slowly. So when that happens I just keep him well dosed up with vit c and echinacea lots love sunray
Agree that anything like that really knocks me about these days increases symptoms not only had flu jab but they gave me pneumonia jab too! Advice was really worth doing and you only need it every 10yrs:grin:
Thanks for that snippet of information BJS, although Ive had the flu jab i didn't know that there is also one to prevent pneumonia too. Ive been feeling pretty rotten for about 4 days and I'm coughing and spluttering all over the place, this cold seems to have gone straight to my chest. I think I may just ask my GP for that pneumonia injection just to be on the safe side.

They do say that the pneumonia jab last 10years . I have never heared of anyone having any adverse effects from it . Colds as we use to remember don't seem to be around anymore , they call them viruses and these seem to last longer and just as you start to feel better it comes back and has another go . dam things . As if Parkinsons isn't enough .
HI Folks - Gotta say that overall having had the pneumonia jab I have been pretty much viral free :sunglasses: don't know if fluke or what but,for me whole winter (nearly!) without cold viral/ infectiion really unusual!:sunglasses: gotta love inoculation!