Colostomy bag

Anyone have any advice on having stoma bag can you get carers I in to empty it as my tremors sometimes are so bad don’t know how I’ll manage to see to it. Also my wife has severe arthritis in hands so she would have problems too we are both in our 70’s any advice please

Hi Gij You have my sympathy. Apart from having PD I am carer for my wife who has had MS for 25 years. In addition, she has had to cope with an Ileostomy for 30 years following major surgery she had to undergo for Colitis. She does remarkably well and is able to manage with the stoma bag herself. She has never had to call in assistance which would be difficult owing to the irregularity with which the bag has to be emptied. The best advice we can give you is to contact the Stoma Nurse if there is one operating in your area. If you haven’t already done that, I suggest you carry out a web search keying in “Stoma Nurse” for whichever area you live in. If there is any further guidance we can provide for you we shall be very pleased to do so. You can message me privately via this forum. Best wishes, Gerrard.

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