Comedy show?

Just reading on the internet that Micheal J Fox is thinking about doing a comedy show revolving around a fictional character with a disease raising four children (which he has in real life). I know we have to laugh about Parkinsons at times to get us through it but I feel that I don't want people laughing at Parkinsons. Is it me or does anyone else feel like this.


there are hundreds of very bad ignorant unfunny jokes on the internet about mjf and pd already but i can't see him making jokes AT pd rather than FROM having pd. should dawn french not have made vicar of dibly because it had jokes about eating chocolate? should ronnie corbet not have made occasional references to his height? as long as its done with the right attitude (and funny!) i'd look forward to seeing it. anyway, he probably needs the money.

If it helps to raise money for Parkinsons research, then I'm all for it. I'm sure anything that Michael J Fox does will be in the best possible taste.

It might even educated people into the signs and symptoms of pd


another point in mjf can hardly make a programme where his character doesnt have pd

Its like Sooty once said (allegedly)

"Sometimes it's OK to laugh at yourself, but laugh at me and, so help me God, I'll cut you."

There might even be a cameo part for Bob Hoskins.