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hi i am a lady in my 50s just been diagnosed with parkinsons.I had a stroke 15 yrs ago which i could cope with but this is so much different .I am finding it hard to deal with this as my symptoms differ depending on which side of me is playing up as my stroke side acts differently.I am finding it extremly difficult to find a comfortable chair i no its just a chair but i am now immobile so spend all day in my chair and to have one made for me its 4 thousand pounds i have bought a number of chairs that have motors but i cant seem to find one that suits my illness please help all suggestions welcome. Also was wondering where people go to socialise as i no nothing about anywhere am feeling very isolated and lonely thank you for reading hopefully hear from you all soon x

Hi Jacki3, 

I'm really sorry to hear that you're in so much discomfort and feeling isolated, it must be really difficult. I know other members on the forum will be able to relate to what you've said.  

Have you had an assessment by an occupational therapist at all? You can obtain one through social services and they should be able to advise on what chair will be suitable for you.You can read more about occupational therapy on our website at

In terms of socialising, where is it that you're living? We do have local groups across the UK so there may be one close to you. This might not be the right option for you but thought i'd mention it. More info on these can be found at

Take care



hi i live in swansea south wales x

HI . I am Rita and live Nr Newport .    What sort of chair have you tried .

.do get in touch with an OT unless you are already. . They will advise.  

Make sure you get. one where it raises you out and has a double motor .that is the back and legs are independant .  

Lugs not always easy to get yourself comfy whatever chair you have unfortunately

Hi Jacki3,

There's a couple of groups in Swansea, which are great places to meet others affected by Parkinson's, and the groups also organise social activities if this is something you'd be interested in getting involved in? There's the Swansea Central Support group and the Swansea District Branch

I hope this helps, and please do let us know how you're getting on, you're always welcome to post here if you want to chat. 

Take care,