Coming off Amantadine

Has anyone stopped taking Amantadine and what effect has this had on them


I stopped Amantadine after taking it for a short time. I was hoping it would help with dyskinesia but no luck.
I felt better for not taking it.
I was recently taking Rasagiline, with a view to decrease my Madopar but the dyskinesia got worse. I have now stopped that too!
All the best

Thank you for your reply
Can I ask when your were diagnosed?
My husband now just on 6 12.5/50 sinemet per day and amantadiIne every other day.
His legs have been very red and swollen but that could also be due tohe hot weather
Rasagilene didn’t suit him at all
I have come to the conclusion that these other tablets they keep adding in are more experiments than anything else.
It really is about time that the medics could come up with something better after all these years!!


I was diagnosed 6yrs ago. I am on Madopar 4 x 100/25mg.
I’m trying to reduce that at the moment. More drugs seems to mean more complications, but I’m sure they do help if you get the right fit.