Coming out

Hello there. This is my second foray into this online community. I was diagnosed in 2008. And so much has happened since then. As i write i'm sitting in a hospital bed with wires coming out of my skull. After many months and assessments, i had the first stage DBS op on thursday. I guess this is where i should switch to the treatments section... Slaf

Bit more about myself now that the fuzz has worn off. I was 44 when diagnosed, started on requip/ropunerole 5 months later, within a year was taking sinemet. In the last year moved onto amantadine (not a nice experience for me) then stalevo. Too many shakes alternating with dyskinesia brought me to where i am now. The advice and care i have received so far have been exceptional. And my friends and family are suffocating me with love. Like all of us with parkinson's, i live for today. As james cameron wrote "every day is, of necessity, a point of departure. We shall see"