Coming to terms with diagnosis

My mam is 78 and has been diagnosed for a year. My dad meets all of her immediate needs. She has stopped going out at all. Her speech/walking has changed and I think she is very self conscious. I don’t think either of them have even talked about the diagnosis as my mam finds it too difficult. They know very little to nothing about Parkinson’s (apart from what they already knew before PD was suspected/diagnosed). My Dad doesn’t want to do anything to upset my mam, but now she has sunken into a deep depression, not eating much and not getting out of bed. My Dad thought if he could just do everything she asked it would be ok but it’s not, and he is finding it difficult too. I can’t even imagine how difficult it can be to come to terms with having Parkinson’s. Sorry if this sounds heartless

Hi and welcome to our friendly forum, @Zooba24. This sounds like a difficult situation to be in, to watch your parents struggle this way, This diagnosis is relatively new so it can take time to find the right coping skills. Depression is a common symptom with Parkinson’s, of course, and we’d encourage you to get your mum talking to her GP about ways to deal with this. The information on our site could be very useful: Depression. So too could speaking to the GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse about adjusting your mum’s medication,

Finally, it’s very important for your dad to take care of his own needs while he’s caring for your mum. Please read: Caring for someone with Parkinson's. Here you’ll find many resources and self-help suggestions. They may prove very useful for both you and your dad.

Don’t forget our helpline advisers can support and advise you when you need someone to listen. You can find them on 0808 800 0303.

Please take care :blue_heart:
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