Comments on the new forum

I see the response time is still slow.

On the whole, it looks pretty good though

Well done
How do we know if anyone is on-line?

Are private messages totally private? Can the Admin look in on them?
Any chance of a limbo section for those who may be having troubles getting a dx?
New site looks impressive, well done ...
I think the forum is a lot better in the respect that you can find yourself round but there is no list of members and also no way of telling who is online. I also wasn't aware that if you send a private message your email is revealed and there is no way of referring to your private messsage on the forum, unless i am missing something here:frowning:. But i must say overall i do think the forum is greatly improved and hopefully in time it will seem like home again LOL

Cutiepie x
Thanks for the feedback you've all provided so far on the new forum.

Once the forum has had some time to 'settle' and everyone is more comfortable using it, we'll take a closer look at all the comments and suggestions and prioritise these for the next stage of development.

If you haven't already done so please check out the Forum help pages for more information on sending a message, as some people have had questions on how how this works.

Best, Liz
Is there a way of remaining logged in all day instead of having to resubmit each time?
Hi Liz,

Can you please give the author of a post the reason why it has been deleted or edited?

It may well take some time but I feel strongly that the abrupt way the censorship has been effected, probably after a complaint that the author has no way of repudiating or defending, is totally unfair and immoral as far as Laws on Freedom of Speech are currently understood and accepted in this Country.

In addition the remarks made before and immediately after the deleted or edited text become not only non-sensical but apparently endorsed by the PDS moderator however badgering or out of order they actually are, especially when the names of the deleted authors are referred to.

Putting a "stop" on a topic is, in my view, equally unjust since no-one is able to voice a question or contradict your own personal viewpoint (or do you have several, at least three moderators who, after debate come to a unanimous vote in an action of such import?)

I find truthfully the level of censorship to be too great, and long for a moderate moderator!

With great regards for a difficult job,

Yours sincerely,

Cecily Watson.
Dear Cecily,I am quite pleased that some posts are censored.Free speech even in this country has boundaries.However,I would like to know when a post has been censored.Just a blank page with censored written across it would be nice.It would stop some of the posts sounding silly.Besides what excitement working out what was said.
Dear English Country Dancer,

At the risk of sounding confrontational, I'm sure you must agree that we are all entitled to our own opinions, from right-wing labour to left-wing conservatives and communist liberals to fascist greenies, from teachers to their students, from doctors to their patients.

In history, whose view do you take as truthful, the conquerors or the vanquished?

Can you honestly tell me who is right?

Who, in a room of many people, looks normal? What is normal? Who should we believe? What gives you the right to criticize?

May I suggest it is the same right that other people have to state their own opinion, even if be not to your own personal approval or liking.

What I'm suggesting now, is that the aggressive censorship of anything slightly risqué on this Forum, which I have supported for so long with above 2000 posts if you count the ones deleted because of a computer "glitch" is outrageous in it's present execution.

Where has justice gone?

Good to see you back, Barbara.

With kindest regards, Cecily.
I agree with the points you make.Cecily.Before I go further I would like to make it clear that I am not accusing anyone of anything, only resonding in principle.Surely, abuse,personal insult sexist,and my particular hate, patroning comments should be deleted.Two wrongs do not make a right but I understand that the cenorship on Neurotalk is now even stricter.
If we could all be restraind it would not be necessary to have cenorship but unfortunately some of us find it difficult and this MAY be exacerbated in some people by the drugs involved in trying to control they do affect impulse control.
One post that was removed I had found neither provocotive or abusive and I said so.Perhaps people could be notified when posts are censored and the reason given for the censorship so they can rephrase what they have said and repost or protest with reasons. I know this would make a great deal of work but I feel it would be worth it.Closing a thread has no value and only shows a slightly panicky response.I have the utmost respect for you and your views.Thank you for the E mails.
Dear Cecily, I know it irritates you so sorry for the spelling mistakes and poor grammer but I will scribble these off without checking.Slap on the wrist for me.Barbara
Hi again Barbara,

Good to have your support on this one. We are most obviously in agreement and I hope the Moderator takes note of your and my suggestions.

I do feel sometimes that some authors have an issue of their own which the try and exorcise by downgrading and demoralising others. For instance, a lengthy, informative, questioning post has, on many occasions, been followed with a derisory quip by another in a chat line style taking away the full benefit of worthwhile informative facts.

With regards to spelling and punctuation: for the former I need to use spell checker, for the latter, a book on English Grammar. Both involve effort and are totally my choice. What you do is obviously yours.

Emily has just finished at Oxford Brookes reading History. In her dissertation, she lost five marks for incorrect spelling, grammar and punctuation reducing her grade from a first to a higher 2.1.

Kind regards, Cecily.
Hi Emily,

Thank you for your rapid response.

I can't speak for ECD but I believe neither of us or indeed many of the forum members would suggest there not be a moderatory supervision of the contents of posts made. This has been agreed upon, as you say, when "signing on".

However some editing or deletions seem to be of a knee-jerk type of reaction; not at all considered or just.

As for informing the author of reasons for cutting their posts, either in part or in toto, I for one and I know of several others, have not had the benefit of this consideration. Maybe it is too early in the New Forum's life to expect so much.

We are all adults, see different situations and hear language used in an inappropriate way. Each individual can choose how to react to these occurrences, which is their responsibility.

I realise that the forum is a refuge for hurting PwP and their friends and families, but heavy handedness is not necessary or warranted.

With best intensions, Cecily.
Hi Gary,

Whilst not wanting to deviate from the original thread by the PDS administrator, your reply was a very cutting and sarcastic comment from one of the quiet people and I object to it very strongly!

Maybe it should be deleted,even as innocuous as it may first!

Maybe I'm making a mountain out of a molehill to illustrate a point!

Over to you Emily for this is in your control. No disrespect intended, just wondering how you will react.

Maybe this post will be edited or deleted!

Regards, Cecily.
....innocuous as it my first appear...