Common & uncomon symptoms of PD

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This is a link to my vlog about common and not so common symptoms of PD.




Before I was diagnosed I developed a fear of driving over bridges, also flickering disturbance in my eyes,like migraine but no headache. Lost my sense of smell too.

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I get the visual flickering occasionally as well...

Anne - That's the symptom I initially had it was really bizarre in fact I ended up being referred to ENT as they thought it was a vestibular balance issue, went through several other departments in the hospital also before I was referred to the Neuro - I honestly went in thinking I had migraines, didn't really think to put the tremor and stiffness together with the symptoms - didn't take more than a few minutes for the Neuro to pick up on them.

Ian - great vlog - I also asked my Neuro about Sciatica and he said it was not a symptom.

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Hi Ian - have had PD for nigh on eight years, and have experienced most of the symptoms you have mentioned: sciatica, problems with eyes watering etc., coughing when eating, no sense of taste or smell at all, amongst a number of other things listed, but the powers that be say that there is no connection with PD, so what do you do?

Love your vlogs - Sheila

Thanks for your comment, Sheila. As you say, what do you do? You become the expert…