Communication worries

Hello all, I have a 56yr old partner who was diagnosed 3 years ago. We've been together for about 18 months. I've joined the site because I'm hoping I might find others with shared experiences! He's a lovely man but recently we've argued a lot and I'm having real trouble getting him to talk to me or acknowledge that there may be issues, he just says its me! I think this might be symptomatic, I've been doing a little bit of reading and it does seem that this might be a common issue. Has anyone else found this? How can I help!?? I really don't want to give up!


It is difficult too think and to put it together too communicate or how he might feel about it This effects deeply and can effect every aspect of our lives , you can only be Patient, it is frustrating
for you and him. Read all you can learn all you can especially experiences.


Thank you. I understand how frustrating it must be.He doesn't want to acknowledge that the PD even exists most of the time. I am pretty sure I'd feel the same in your shoes too.

Hi clb18, 

I'm sorry to hear that you and your partner are having some difficulties in communicating. Receiving a diagnosis can be very shocking and it impacts each person differently. Have either of you spoken to someone else about it?

We do have some information and and a guide on Parkinson's and relationships, you can read that on our website here

I know other members on the forum have spoken about relationship issues before, hopefully other members will have some more advice for you. We're all here to support you.

Take care


That's really kind, thank you. I have been reading a lot of the threads and have to admit some of it is a little overwhelming, thinking about the future is tough right now. I have managed to persuade him to accept some counselling as a couple and I'm rather hoping we can seek this through a PD support group as then hopefully that person may have an understanding of what some of the underlying issues might be. He's not too keen but I'm hopeful!

Hi clb18,

My husband found it difficult to understand how to accept my diagnosis and how he could help me, so we asked our local PD Support Worker to do a home visit and talk things through with us both. She brought loads of leaflets and information with her, which was really useful. There should be someone in your area, who could do the same.......a bit more informal than going for counselling and your OH might be more willing to talk about his feelings in familiar surroundings. You can find a local Support Worker on this website. Just a thought.

Best wishes,



Hello Beatrice - I agree with Twinks, to contact your support worker and ask her if she will be willing to sit with you both - but if your hubby is like mine he does'nt seem to think there is a problem so he won't open up to anyone else. Therefore try and pick a suitable time when you are both relaxed or in bed in the dark so you can't see each other and talk things through, if you have a particular problem, bring up the subject. My husband sometimes gets annoyed if I approach him during the day so I have to wait for the right moment to tackle any apprehensions I have.

Don't know if this helps or not with your situation, but it works for me!

All the best - Sheila x