I arrived at work to hear the news that a friend and colleague had been involved in a near fatal car crash and was unconscious and pretty messed up - the type of thing you see on helicopter rescue.

I was given a contact number, his friends partner. I phoned as we, his friends, wanted to send a card/flowers,etc......

I called, asked of his well being, where could I send stuff, all nicety nicety.

Then she got all upset that I didn't ask about her boyfriend, who was also in the crash and who was also unconscious.

I mumbled my apology, that I didn't know, and how was he....etc..

Then I get called to the bosses office. A complaint. I wasn't to call again.

So who's to blame?

What else could have I, should have I, done?

(please dont go off on the grammar. It's poetic, in my eyes at least)

Thats my story of how being so nice nearly got me so sacked, and now when told of anothers tragedy I say this "Too bad. So sad." or do I say "So sad. Too Bad.".
(grammaticaly, should I have ended the above sentence .". or just ". OR .")

so thats 4 questions

1.Who's to blame
2.What else could have I, should have I, done?
3.Is it "Too bad. So sad." or "So sad. Too Bad."?
4.grammaticaly, should I have ended the above sentence ."? or just "? OR ?"
PMSL a real hoot!
4) the strings in quotes are referenced objects rather than active parts of the sentence and so the question mark indicating the inquisitorial nature of the sentence , being an active part of the sentence, is external to the referenced objects, although if they had originally been inquisitorial sentences they would have a question mark inside the quotes in addition to the external question mark.

1)2)3) she's a cow

leapt any garden boundary fixtures yet?


See I knew it wasn't me. That has haunted me for these last 10 years past. That's a lie. I knew in my heart of hearts that the lady in question was as mad as a bag of cats. Besides it was a lesson learned: Never Let A Good Deed Go Unpunished, A Friend In Need Is A Pain In The Arce (Its a town in Italy where a friend of mine resides - before anyone starts) (and its pronounced Ar-ch-i).

Now I can regale the story without fear of anyone saying "oooooooh, you insensitive brute" and belting me in the pus (Scottish vernacular for face).

And, if anyone did suggest impropriety on my part, I can say I held a poll on the prestigious web site that is, where the finest minds concluded that I was right and I'm having you charged with ABH and I'll pursue you through civil court for defamation, dental fees and whiplash.
As it was about communication, I'll put my [u]Article[/u] here.
To save some confusion this was written and removed from a thread, before this thread was started - the prequel to the thread, if you will.


I think everyone should be warned about communications in general.

Topics should include:

Game Theory - why is this person asking a question/making a statement
Written/Electronic Communications- OMG! I was only kidding. Why can't they see me ROFLing.
Telephone Legislation - If it is now legal to duff up an intruder, it should be legal to hurle abuse at cold callers who phone at stupid a.m. on saturday mornings. The latest asking about stuffing my cavities with insulating material.

What I need to remember, and when emotions get high, is when i'm typing its me and a screen. I should re-read it from:

The other persons point of view
Who else could possibly see this
Can it be construde as offensive to anyone e.g. am I being offensive in calling for legislation to be made to make it legal to abuse cold callers who want to fill my cavities in during the early hours of weekend days.
-If I'm being offensive do I care e.g. in the case of cold caller who want to fill my cavities in during the early hours of weekend days, the answer is no.

It doesnt matter what the medium is forum, social sites, e-mail, telephone, face-to-face, letter hand written in copperplate. People will have an agenda, use language to conceal, reveal for their own ends; build up their self-worth at others expense, prey on good will for personal gain, some are genuinly altruistic and get fullfillment from helping others.

In this forum I have found the latter in great abundance, and it lifts my spirits.

There was a bloke a while back who thought himself some kind of Parkinson's cure suggesting we stop taking our meds and follow him (straight to the nearest Neuroleptic Malignancy Syndrome Centre no doubt).

I have edited this post for example and removed the paragraph giving details of my altercation with my cold caller and what he and his company could do with their cavity filling government scheme. As some may have been offended.

p.s. by way of an example as to how I couldnt do right for getting it wrong. In fact I'm going to start a topic in 'Daily Life' called 'Communication'. Give me a minute, its a longish story.