Communications with Parkinson's uk email

Can anyone tell me why none of my emails are going through?
Did you experienced the same problem?
I have been trying, as I was told, to forward emails re: meetings in Bruxelles by
MEP's: all emails are rejected. Not very good for communication!
This is the only place where I can enquire although I know it is not the proper place.

I don't know why yours are failing. I participated in that campaign too & had no trouble getting mail to & from Parkinson's UK.
are your mails bouncing (ie you get a fail message back) or going unanswered (which can be caused by lots of things :-), most of them non-technical)
If you want to chat further about it you can drop me a private message.


Thank you elegant Fowl for anwering me! (I love your name by the way!)
All my emails are bouncing back, I am at a loss to know why.

All the best.

I am assuming that you can email other people successfully. It would be interesting to know what the mail failure error message says - usually it will send you back a copy of your message with some clue about why it failed. The most likely thing is that you have somehow misspelt the email address


you will need to edit that to replace (at) and (dot) with @ and .


ps glad you like the name

Dear Elegant Fowl,

Thank you again!
They said: "delivery to the domain failed permanently" and yes this is the address I typed.

Have a good day!

Hi Natasha,
Thanks for letting us know about this. Could you tell me what email address you are writing to? I'd like to forward this to our IS team to see whether there is a problem.


Hi Ezinda,

I tried (many times) to forward my emails to "[email protected]" &
in desperation to:"[email protected]" to no avail.No problems with my other
emails being sent to different recipients.

Thank you for any suggestion.

Enjoy your day!

Thanks for that information Natasha. We're passing this along.

If it's okay with you, I'll also pass your email address to the IS team so they can contact you with further questions.

Hopefully, we'll get this sorted shortly.

Best regards,

Sorry that you are having problems contacting the campaigns team via email, our IT team is looking in to this. In the mean time if you have any questions about our campaigns, you can contact me on 020 7963 9332.


Campaigns officer

Thank you Sachin and the ones who helped me by answering and passing it on!