Complaint about PIP assessor

At my PIP assessment the assessor said her laptop was deleting things! Most laptops can’t do this unaided unless they are faulty. Would this mean she used equipment not fit for purpose or she changed my answers to achieve the result she needed? Either way, I feel this was dishonest and if it isn’t mentioned when I get the HCP report I will include it in my request for a Mandatory Reconsideration, having scored the grand sum of 6 points!

But she also asked for the date of diagnoses of a CONGENITAL condition I had listed on my form.

Hi you should make sure this is noted on your form.

At my interview the assessor kept calling me a different name and although I corrected her she continued to call me by another name.

At the end of the day when she was typing up her notes whos to say she was talking about someone else as she did not know my name.

It makes me so angry. When I went to my appeal theDr said she did not want to ask me anything and questioned why I was sent there…

What a waste of money! ! !

I also got a form through to fill in which I later found out I should have not received. They had not updated my records in a year disgraceful. When I asked for an apology letter to be sent to myself I was told they do send out such letters.Disgraceful.


It’s not the DWP, it’s the incompetent twerps who do the assessment, who aren’t employed by the DWP. Privatisation of the assessments led to this ludicrous situation. The amount of medical ignorance shown by some assessors is mind boggling. All in the name of profit. You pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

As soon as Atos and Capita are given the boot for incompetence and the assessments are brought back in house, the assessments will improve. Yes, it will cost more, but that could be paid for with the reduction in appeals, which cost the country millions.

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