Complementary Therapies

Does anyone have any experience of physio from a neurophysio and/or acupuncture?

I have a particular problem with constant pain and stiffness in my neck, which I think might be causing or contributing to recurrent headaches, nausea and dizziness. (Unless that’s just PD and I’m stuck with it)!

I would appreciate any recommendations for therapies and practitioners that you’ve tried. (I’m in the London area).

Many thanks

Have you had dry needling - i get great relief

No I haven’t. Is that different to acupuncture? (Sorry to show my ignorance!) I would be very interested. Thanks so much. Gill

Hi @GillC,

We have a section on our website dedicated to complementary therapies that you should check out. It mentions acupuncture as well as a number of other therapies that may interest you.

Everyone finds comfort and relief from different things but hopefully something with resonate with you!

Best wishes,
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Hi GullC
I have problems with my neck particularly in the evening. However things have been much Improved since I started regular sessions with a physiotherapist who specialises in neurological movement disorders and the associated problems. By coincidence he studied under my Parkinson’s consultant.
I definitely recommend you try and find a specialist which shouldn’t be too difficult in London.
I !I’ve in Suffolk which is probably too far to come for treatment.
Good luck


Hi GillC, welcome I have access to a wonderful neurophysio at my local hospital. They are part of the Occupational Therapy team, if you have a PD nurse I would ask for their advice on how best to get an appointment with them. I also have regular reflexology sessions. Take care :smile:

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Yes it is - physios can administer

Oh that is interesting as my neck problems are also worse in the evening.

Sadly Islington doesn’t have a Parkinson’s nurse, but my terrific Parkinson’s UK local advisor told me that my consultant could possibly refer me to a nurse and/or a neurophysio linked to the hospital so I’ve just started down that route.

There seem to be such regional differences and nothing comes without asking for it :blush:

Thanks for all the advice and support.