Compulsive buying

Has anyone had or have compulsive buying also known as Punding

I have spent a lot of money collecting Pub Mirrors mainly with a whisky theme (this is my main purchasing)

I also purchase Train Sets which i don't open and hide around the house

My latest fancy is toy Police Cars Corgi of course. My wife has asked me to stop buying but i always say No

Has anyone out there had or have the same problem

i would say yes to that was on pramipexole at the start of my parkinsons 7yrs ago.bought lots of stuff on ebay 50" plasma tv.started gambling on internet ,thousands..finally told wife and consultant,pd nurse helped.those were  the bad days dont go there discuss it quickly with gp,pd nurse.

Definitely do not go there. Same thing happened to me 7 years ago, have been to hell and back. Even had to go through bankruptcy and then rebuild my life again.Please, please, please, tell your consultant now , don't hesitate, get help immediately.

hi angel.

thats what i had to do ,bankruptcy its not good !


Thank you for your response seems like you are no strangers to this problem.

my wife now knows about the train sets and cars.

Her response was "lets build the train sets" and don't buy any more until we contact the parkinson's nurse

I thought she would go through the roof,this on top of the mirrors

i am agitated but i will hold on

Its good your wife  knows ,i take it you have explained to her it could be to do with your meds & parkinsons.

As soon as my specialist heard about my spending he was surprised and asked why they had not picked up on it sooner. After talking it over with my Parkinson's nurse he changed the dosage of my pills.

within days i had stopped spending. the sad part, for me, i also stopped writing




Glad to hear you have the spending under control. It is a shame about the writing though.

There may be other drugs that will bring the writing back. I am trying to take advantage of ever skerrick of creativity that comes my way, but it has slowed down to a drip since the cold weather set in and muscle tension increased.

What did the specialist replace the extra dosage with?

can they not put you on different meds,my pd nurse & nero consultant changed my meds when they heard about my spending!

have i got it right changed dosage / not meds ! if so i do not understand,i would go back and tell them that your writing is now affected its not right !

alas creativity and obsessive behaviour are closely linked by excessive neural activity. I have an enormous urge to by guitars which i sublimate into buying picks. much cheaper. i have stopped Writing poems but stiill write stories and plays,though not as obsessively

A Happy New Year to everyone

My problem at present is I do not know who my PD nurse is as the one I had has moved on and my PD specialist has retired.

A Plus side I found a drop in centre locally and they are a great bunch of people. Mainly Parkinson sufferers and some carers. I have started writing again and am trying to write a book.

Turnip keep fighting the urge.



Hi All

Its been a long time since i contacted the forum.

I have a new Parkinsons nurse but i still dont have a specialist.

I have got worse  Tremors and body twitching,fast to anger especially with family members

The buying impulse is still under control

Turnip i hope you are still fighting the urge

Due to taking a DA (Ropinirole) I have racked up a significant debt on my credit card due to compulsive spending.  My weakness is for grooming/shaving products and was spending hundreds on expensive shaving soaps, creams and safety razors.  I managed to curb this by:

1) Speaking to my Neurologist who stopped the DA.

2) Recognising that this was as a result of the Meds and was potentially destructive.

3) Growing a beard!


  This is always a bad subject for me as if I had not finally  had  my  eyes opened I would be alone, the  reason, obsessive compulsive behaviour,  like  you  sir  I built and  dismantled a  huge  model  railway in my  loft and  purchased 10  Locomotives in one  day plus hundreds of  all  types  of  rolling  stock,  at  the same  time, I was buying  1/50 scale  die cast trucks buses construction eqpt , and  these not  being  the  same   scale as  the  oo size used on my layout so I was purchasing to feed  both scales,  at  the  last  count  over £2.250 s worth, oh  and im forgetting the £984s worth of  die  cast 1/72, 1/48/ 1/24 scale aircraft,, then  add on  about 150 unmade plastic  kits of  many  scales, about £400  there,  not  forgetting my  whiskey  collection £ 1.200 or so  at  this  point I gave  up doing   the audit  but theres  a lot of stuff, then the worst part of this horrible  affliction hypersexuality, now I dont claim  to  be  a angel, re  sex, when I was normal once  a week or  twice  even and we were both  happy, my  dear  wife  thought all  her  birthdays had  arrived at once when the  drugs began to warp  my  mind from once a week to three  times or  four  even per  night became the  norm, then came  experimenting,  god  we tried everything I  became  so  skilled  through experimenting we  started down a route I really   wish we  had  not, first it  was a  trusted mate,  and  when  my  wife  began  to  grow  weary of  all this hyperactivity I did  not and well if  you  can imagine  then  x 10  that  would  be   near  enough, so  spoke to my  PD Specialist and  a drug  change  was  carried  out  then  virtually over  night I reverted  to  type,, which  I  was  fine  with  but  my  wife  was  not  ,,well I  did  not  know how things were  going  to  pan  out at  that  time,  guys  were  visiting  and  things  happened  im  not  proud  of, but  finally  stability  returned although I am plagued  with   jealousy  a  pointless  stupid  emotion and  it  has caused  a  few problems I can  tell  you, though the more stable we are  the  less the silly  jealousy is  occuring, so  it  would  seems  we  are through  the  worst I hope.

                So  please please go  tel your  nurse or Prof,  tell  someone you  do  not  want  to  lose  everything as I almost  did.

                                      Best wishes  FED4

coolSHOULD ADD that the hyper thing has been a bit bothersome of recent, but my L ady is past that marker now , so from norm to hyper to norm to zilch  sad eh, such is the wreckage parky and the drugs to fight it can bring down upon us, take care.


Thank you for the reply, it's always comforting and reassuring to know that you're not the only one and that others know exactly where you're coming from.

Unfortunately for me, I did lose everything dear to me - My home, wife, stepdaughter and cats and not to mention my money and possessions.  Apart from the spending,  I developed hypersexuality and indulged my insatiable appetite elsewhere.  The deception, lies and cunning were so out of character for me,  to me I felt invincible, like nothing could touch me and that what I was doing was somehow right and justified.   Not surprisingly and deservedly, my wife threw me out over a year ago and started divorce proceedings,  there were chances of a reconciliation but my DA distorted behaviour and perception put paid to that.

When my Decree Nisi came through in May, this coincided with my Consultant stopping the DA.  Within a week, the old me returned and since then I have been plagued by guilt and remorse over what I have lost.   I cannot forgive myself for what I have done - we were only married for seven months but the DA's messing with my head destroyed everything.    Why is it with PD that the meds are often worse than the condition?


             Well what can I say, sorry just  wont  cover it  will it, I could so easily  have  been  there with  you in  the  same hell of  losing everything you  care  about, but I am  so  so  sorry not  just  for  you  but  your  poor wife and family also  who  winessed  your  plummet to  destruction , there is the argument of  well it  serves  you  right,  I used to say if you dont  stop  your  going  to  lose  her if you  read some of  my  other posts you  will  see  what I mean, if I had lost  her I would last  about  a week,  then  it  would be  the  next  dimension   for  old  FED. And  I mean  that as  here  would  be  no   reason  to  hang around,  I wish  I could   help you  but  no  one  can   only  you  can attempt to  rebuild,  I wish  you  all  the  good  things  sir,  you  will  need them


I've taken some positive steps to beat the spending.  I have destroyed my credit card and have consolidated my overdraft and credit card debt into a 2 year loan which is affordable and more importantly is at a much much lower interest rate which means I will save hundreds by not having to incur interest at the previous rates.