Compulsive drinking & shopping

When i was on pramipexole suffered gambling,drinking and compulsive shopping luckily my wife picked up on this ie go on internet all night purchasing items & gambling.What im saying is beware of symptoms and if you have somebody close to you make them aware of it as well & what to look out for.And redpoppy they say alcohol,smoking,coffee is good for pd,but hey what is good & bad i don't know.iused to drink,smoke,& drink coffee and it never done  no good for me ! lol.sorry sharon hope this is the right place for this topic,smile

A timely warning, Gus.

Hypersexuality is the other common side effect.

In its grip, my husband led a dreadful secret life  for 3 years and gave our life savings to prostitute.

Stopping the dopamine agonists usually stops the side effects but living with the damage to relationships and finances never goes away.

Legal action is not possible.

 Warnings are improving from the medical profession but there's a long way to go.

The numbers suffering devastating side effects are 1 in 3 patients on a therapeutic dose  of DAs and 1 in 2 men under 50.. according  to the Mayo Clinic.

Carers and friends need to be aware and challenge behavioural changes, but sufferers do not usually admit there's a problem as they are in a euphoric state of denial.

A very difficult situation.





So true gg!  .


                 Good Morning Golden Girl

                                       First your chosen  screen name seems to match your character,  one of pleasant and compassionate traits, sorry Im drifting again and as you know I have already been ticked off for drifting rigtly so mind you. As a one of the worst effects  caused by PD drugs Hyper sexuality  is also one of the most dangerous, it almost destroyed my marriage to my lovely wife I was treating her like a sex slave she thought it was great at first but when I bcame more and more perverse in my demands the relationship  began to fail,, saved only by my brilliant Nurse Consultant, she  removed CABERGOLINE from my prescription and overnight I was fixed and back to normal,  I am stable now so it is  very important  to monitor  behavior when taking Anti  Parky drugs or a very high price could be paid.

                                                                     Kindest Regards  Fedcool

Hi Fed

It is good to read your post emphasising that OCDs can usually be stopped by changing meds from DAs to Levadopa. People in the throes of the side effects need to be reassured that their Parkinsons symptoms can be well-controlled by other drugs and the hypersexuality etc can be overcome.

The problem is getting them to accept it is a problem!

   As for the perverse demands,  I am reminded of Jo Brand saying that when a partner told her he had always fancied trying anal sex, she told him to turn over and pass her a hairbrush telling him, "we'll see how you get on".

I am flattered by your interpretation of my screen name!

I chose it in admiration of the three ladies well past their sell- buy date in the TV  series "The Golden Girls"!

Despite all the challenges of old age, they put up a tremendous fight to enjoy life,  have adventures and care for each other.