Concerned grandmother

I am concerned about my grandmother and wondered if anyone can offer any advice? I am hoping for her to be seen by her GP, but it is a delicate issue!
Recently she has had neck pain (which went after a few days), and most worryingly is that she recently has begun having short episodes where she is mid-sentence but her eyes appear to close involuntarily as if she is dozing off, and her words become slurred and almost stop. If I talk to her, she seems to come out of this. But it happens reguarly. She sleeps a lot during the day and lately seems more confused. On Boxing Day she had a fall in the early hours and cut her head, but was discharged from hospital after having the cut stitched. I have looked online and her symptoms seem to match some of those of Parkinsons.. but don't want to worry her or my family incase I am over-reacting? Does any of what I have described sound like other people's experiences? Many thanks.

I've no medical qualifications but what sprang to mind was T.I.A.'s - transient ischemicic attacks - google this and you'll find a Wikipaedia description.
It happens to my husband quite a lot he had periods of it . It was particularly bad when he was taking strong pain killer after his knee op . To be honest I have wondered about TIas

Obviously you are very concerned about your grandmother and rightly so. I have had PD for about 3 yrs. and I have not had any symptoms like those you have described. It seems to me that your grandmother might be having Petit Mal episodes. These can occur when someone suffers from Epilepsy. Another cause might well be TIA. In any case I think you should have her checked out by your GP.
Good luck to you both.:neutral_face:
Does your grandmother take any medication that could have something to do with her drowsiness? Has she increased dosage recently? You should certainly take her to see her GP. Is she herself aware there is something wrong?