Concerns about later

My partner is finding it hard to cope with my PD and it’s only in early stages,My worry is he won’t cope when things get worse he’s already showing a lot of stress and getting very short tempered
What can I do?

Hi @Andy58Blackpool,

I’m really sorry that your diagnosis is starting to take its toll on your relationship with your partner. It must have been quite a shock to you both and it’s not always easy to talk things through in a constructive way.

I’m sure other members of the community who have gone through this will have helpful advice to share, but in the meantime you could have a look at our website’s section about Parkinson’s and relationships. You may find useful information there to help you and your partner.

Best wishes to you both,
Mara - Moderation Team

Hi Andy,

I’m sorry to hear of your diagnosis and how it affects your current relationship.

Although, this is probably the shock of it all, and you are both reacting to it in different ways.
What I would say to you is try to enjoy all the things you do at the minute, hobbies etc. and maybe start planning mini-breaks / holidays that you can still manage in the early stages of PD, or maybe enjoy a new activity together?

Things will evolve over time, and while the illness will remain in the background, it does not define who you are or take over your life. Maybe a break away might do you both some good? It puts things in perspective and allows you to make new memories too.

Support is also very important… maybe he needs to talk things through with someone else… does he have friends/family he can rely on when things get tough, so that in turn, he can support you to the best he can?! It’s so important to have a strong social network when a PD diagnosis happens. We all need to support each other.

Take care of yourself.