To the Chief Executive, Trustees, Moderators, Members and Contributors:

Irrespective of who is right or wrong, this rebranding debate has clearly got out of hand and needs resolving. May I respectfully suggest the following:

1. All expelled members are reinstated immediately with clean sheets;

2. Any members who have accrued "yellow cards" towards expulsion under any totting up scheme have their slates wiped clean;

3. In future 1st and 2nd written warnings be given for bona fide rule breaches;

4. No further access denials, post deletions or content editing be carried out without REAL explanation and discussion taking place first, and in the case of suspensions or expulsions a genuine dialogue with the membership first be undertaken on line;

5. Withdrawal of access be implemented against those who continue to break the rules thus:
1st suspension 1 day; 2nd suspension 3 days; 3rd 1 week; 4th 2 weeks; 5th 1 month; 6th 3 months; 7th 6 months; 8th 1 year; 9th 5 years; 10th life.
This considerable leeway acknowledges the importance of the forum to members, and the reality that the actions of Parkinson's sufferers can often be influenced by depression and mood swings, particularly during "off" periods;

6. Provided the above criteria are observed the Moderator's word is final;

7. It is accepted that the current re-branding is under way, and all parties will pull together to make it work;

8. The CE will establish regular minuted consultative meetings with attendees representing all groups and points of view.

Worth a try?

Well put Kaleidoscope!
If there was a petition, I'd sign it.

well said
seems ok by me, nice one kal
i agree with u on that one kal,:smile:
Me too!

I have received 100% positive responses from forum users to my proposed action plan, as a route to conciliation.

Could we have some kind of response from the management prior to tonight's meeting - even if negative - so we all know where we stand?

Thank you.
I hope im not about to but a spanner in the works but i actually disagree with some of Kaleidascope's points particularly point five.I am well aware of the changes of mood the depression and the challenges having PD can cause..both to pd patients AND carers but please PLEASE dont use it as an excuse for bad behaviour or flouting the rules. Unfortunately , whether we like it or not life is governed by rules and whilst a certain amount of leeway should be given, a sensible line should be drawn somewhere.

I myself have stayed away from this many times because of some of the postings made on here and the negative vibes they generate.

Lets be positive and move forward......TOGETHER!!:grin:
No problem, Matt, nothing is cast in stone. I'd just like to see things normal again. If everyone were to agree in principle to such a plan the details could be discussed tonight, in a civil manner.

Like Matt, I too would be concerned if PwP were treated more leniently than the general public in their use of online forums. That could imply to others that we are not to be trusted, and that could have implications for PwP who want to continue to work.
The moderators' response should fit the breech of the rules. I don't think it would be acceptable to break the rules umpteen times by, for example, inventing a fictitious user and deceiving other members by inventing false stories about them. That would undermine the confidence of most members in using the forum, and should get a substantial ban. On the other hand posting the same message on different threads is in my eyes merely an irritation and should not attract a ban unless it is repeated ad nauseum. (NB I don't imply that either of these has occurred in the recent incidents.)
For me, the recent issue has been about letting people know why posts have been deleted and users banned. Until we are told that, we can't be sure whether the moderators have been harsh or justified.
Good, keep the discussion going, everyone....
Hi everyone –

The discussions that have been taking place on this forum over the last couple of weeks have raised lots of interesting and important issues. We really do welcome and value the contributions made by everyone. Some of you have raised concerns about censorship and a lack of free speech but we’ve been happy to allow this very public discussion to take place - as the many pages of posts about the charity demonstrate.

In all debates, where people hold strong views, it’s possible to get carried away. E mail and the internet make this particularly easy to do. Sometimes the level of aggression can make other people wary of expressing an opinion.

We can’t tolerate abusive content, including posts or emails sent to other users or moderators. When people come to the forum it is important they find a friendly and welcoming space.

We’ll be contacting those forum members who’ve been recently suspended to discuss this and to look at how they can continue to take part in forum activity.

As an organisation, we’re committed to making sure that everybody affected by Parkinson’s can get the support they need. The forum plays an important part in this, letting the real experts… people with Parkinson’s… share their experience and knowledge. Over the coming months we’ll be looking at how we can include forum users in the development of the service and in ongoing moderation. Watch this space for more details.

In the meantime it’s not too late to join tonight’s online discussion with Steve.
You need to register in advance for the meeting so that login details for the website and the conference call number can be sent to you. To register go to
Once your request has been received, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.
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