Concussion and increased incidence of Parkinsons?

Recent research found an increased incidence of Parkinsons, a huge 50% increase, in those who had previously suffered a severe concussion.

Interested to know if this is the case for any forum members? Did you suffer a concussion years before diagnosis?

One parent has Parkinsons, and one adult offspring suffered a severe concussion a while back and was monitored for a year afterwards as they had ongoing symptoms.

Worried about the repercussions of this connection for them in the future.

_Hi Benji my specialist had told me that parkinsons is usually hereditary My Mums Mum had parkinsons.
Also the way welive our lives now. EG The environment. Food. Electrity pylons everywhere.Climate . Who knows how we got it but we have and all we really want is a cure.Also a cure for rheumatoid arthritis which I have had for 20 years