Conductive Education

Conductive Education

Conductive education is all about learning, different strategies to use,
To help us keep the mobility that none of us wish to lose.
It was developed, by Peto, in Hungary, now it is recognised worldwide,
It enhances the lives of many, its success can’t be denied.

The sessions are based on repeating and practising movements, which we can transfer into real life,
They may help with walking, dressing or turning, even cutting your food with a knife.
The actions become second nature, it feels like someone has told your brain,
To get its act together, you WILL do things again.

All of these tips which I’ve been given there, made me feel better as soon as I began,
Don’t allow yourself to shuffle, take steps as big as you can,
Look straight ahead, not at your feet, move your weight from side to side,
Hold your shoulders right back and keep them straight, with head held high, you can walk with pride.

Has your writing gone really tiny? Try practicing giant size,
I did, now I write properly again, a very nice surprise.
Do you get stuck in doorways? You want to move, but your legs say ‘No!’
Lower one hip, transfer your weight, count to five and off you’ll go.

Conductive ed has shown me, that I can do more than I thought,
Even at the age of 56 my mind can still be taught.
So if you get the chance to join some sessions, even just a few,
Grab the opportunity with both hands, I’m sure it will help you too.