Confused about information given on parkinsons

hi all i hope you dont mind me joining your forum im not a sufferer , but my uncle was diagnosed less than a year ago my aunt is beside herself as she has no idea what type of parkinsons he has , his health has deteriorated rapidly over the last year hes very down , refusing help and refuses to admit he has a problem . he doesnt have tremors he has problems with swallowing and constantly falling over . my aunt has just noticed his eye sight has got really bad as he never tells her if there anything wrong .  when she took him to the opticians they told her he has bad cataracts . he refused to have them done and she insisted but was told theres 3 types of parkinsons , and he has the type that crystalises the fluid in brain so having them sorted out may not be an option anyway , ive searched the internet and can only find reference to hydrocephalus . hes always been an outdoor person loved bird watching and always worked on farms which ive found pesticides can be a factor can anyone give me any clearer information i can pass to my aunt ill also pass on the helpline number to her . many thanks .  

Hi Confused,  Maybe the helpline number at the top of this page would be a good place to start or find your local parkinsons branch. Either way they should be able to advise you.

Good luck