Confused about my consultant

I was diagnosed with Parkinson's in December 2014, i was put on Sinemet  12.5 mg 3 times a day and my condition deteriorated quit quickly, i contacted my Parkinson's consultant who asked me to reduce my dose by one a week and i found that my jerking and twitching started to reduce has any other Parkinson's patients had similar experiences ? also i found that when i went to my consultant about this he made me feel as if he did not accept that that worse with the Sinemet  script he put me on, i am on my 4th week of reduction an continue to experience less jerking/twitching, i am to be put on a medication to try and help with the jerking, i feel a bit frightened about what is ahead of me and am apprehensive about my next appointment, also i am convinced that my Parkinson's went undiagnosed for several years as i have experienced the symptoms of Parkinson's for 5 years or more,i look forward to any replies to my first forum topic.      sixties man.

I hope that the year since your post has given you some answers and that the medication is now helping your PD symptoms.

You are right, you will have had PD for a while before your diagnosis, as it is not easy to diagnose and the symptoms go unnoticed for a while. For my Mum they were niggles that could be ignored then got to the stage that they refused to be ignored and then she went to the dr. From that point it took nearly 2 yrs to get a diagnosis. (in 2002 - things have come a long way since then...)

This is a busy forum. I found your post on the unanswered section of the forum and had to reply - hope you have been reading other posts to get information about PD.

Hope all is well,