Confused again

This Parkinson thing is so confusing, what is Parkinson pain and what is not,
I was diagnosed about a year ago and have had aching pain in my shoulder for months and my legs, been to the doctors who gave me some anti inflammatory tablets and sent for an ex-ray on my leg, all ok with the ex-ray but still finding it hard to walk although I do walk every day in pain or not, a couple of weeks back I could not even stand on my left leg so painful, my wife insisted on taking me to A&E they done an ex-ray on the knee and leg all ok I had told them about my Parkinson’s didn’t say to much just said yes could be that or Arthritis which ever something just got to live with, I am totally confused, I just finding it that since I was diagnosed with PD people doctors hospitals just seem to avoid that word, only seen the PD nurse once and one phone call which took me days to get to speak to her and consult only once not pressurising my wife or family with all my symptoms so who is there? went to my local group meeting stood at the door for 15 min watching before anyone approached me and to be honest just not for me lots worse off than me and all I could think about was whats to come so turned and walked out, sorry I know its a moan but just needed to say, thanks take care

Hi Peterb1951,

I really don’t think that the pain in your shoulder and leg is related to Parkinsons.
From what you say it definitely seems to be an inflammation or as your doctor said Arthritis.
Perhaps you should tell your doctor you need a CAT scan. That will certainly give you some answers.

Hi Peterb 1951 it is very hard to say what pain/movement is caused by PD. I was lucky (if I can say that) my Gp ask a few questions and then booked me in to see the consultant at the local hospital that was in 2010. but I still find it hard to get use to it, I have had a PD nurse every 6 months from the start and i found her excellent but due to other commitments she has semi-retired yes we have 3 more PD nuses but its not the same, I think once you have final had conformation about if you have PD you will feel happyer. Don’t let them grind you down take the bull by the horns and do what you feel is right for you. I also when found I had PD went along to a local group but felt that it was not quite me now I have found another group and these seem to have a more positive aproch and if you are stuck telephone (you know that old fashion thing that came before internet) Parkinsons uk there is allways some one to talk to. Just a little more 2 years ago my brother was also told that he had PD now he lives in Lincs I live in Notts his comment PD nurse what Nurse I am still waiting for her to contact me. My answer was don’t wait even if they don’t like it you must look out for your self, so Peterb 1951 Go for it!!!

Thank you both for your replies, nice to hear how others are coping, Its not just the pain restful nights, getting confused, sometime finding it hard to get the words out, restless feet list goes on, but once again thanks I will keep going,

Morning Peterb1951 since 2010 I also have sleep problems, first I found that I could not turn over in bed, no matter how I tried, then sleep odd nights I will go to bed 10-30 and wake about 5-30 but I did say some nights which you can count on one hand. So if I am tried i ask hubby if he minds and just slip into bed or settee, Just 10mins is all I need to put me back into the real world. I also find it hard to get my words out if I am at home I’m ok but put me in a group of people, and well you know how it is. So just make every day work for you It’s hard not to upset family, but you have to think about yourself and quality of life. Keep posting so members know how you’re getting on,

Hello Peter
My husband has Parkinson’s but he also has some serious arthritis problems, he has had 3 hip replacements and 4 knee replacements. Both Arthritis or Parkinson’s obviously conditions in their own right. From experience with him when his pain is based around or within a joint it has been arthritis related when the pain has been in his arms snd legs more generally and his back these seem more muscular and related to Parkinson’s.
As others have said you need to be persistent, as tough as that is sometimes, with your GP and seek further help with your shoulder and leg - generally In my husband’s case it has been MRI and CT scans that have proven the need for intervention with his joints. It is also worth noting that many hospital trusts have made their muscular skeletal services (as they used to be known physiotherapy departments) self referral services so worth checking out. Best Wishes & Good Luck