hi all,
i was diagnosed about 3 yrs ago with this unwelcome friend ( PD ) Recently i visited my neurologist who by the way is a new consultant to me as previous one emigrated. What he has said to me has made me confused regarding my illness. He said that he is not totally convinced that it is PD. as some of my symptoms are not characteristic of the disease. He said it is 50-50 at present. I had a DAT scan in 2009 which was negative so he wants to repeat it again. Do i get my hopes up or not. I am totally confused, I keep trying to put it to the back of my mind but it is difficult. This new consultant specializes in PD.:frowning:

Have you been on any meds for the last 3 years? and have they made any difference to your symptoms?:rolling_eyes:

I just hope they don't now decide that you had something that was easily curable if treated promptly, but....sorry for the gallows humour.My poor neighbours have been flooded by the heavy rains we had all night and into the morning, and it has been creeping closer to mine, but danger seems to have passed now.
Yes I have been on meds. Mirapexin and rasageline they seemed to work at first but the last 6 months things seemed to go back over. The consultant said that in certain types of dystonia which by the way is what he thinks it may be. Not sure of the type of dystonia because I could not remember it too many long words. But getting back to my reply he said that sometimes you can get benefit from parkinsons meds.again he is 50-50 but I wish the scan was over and done with and then hopefully I will have a diagnosis one way or another.
was it myclonic dystonia? do your symptoms include jerky movements and are symptoms helped with alcohol?
Not sure what he called it. I do have a tremor and maybe sometimes it is a bit jerky. Yes definitely alcohol does help.i still have other symptoms like slowness and left side of body is not as good as the right. Maybe on my part it is just wishful thinking maybe it still is PD. I won't know for definite until I have had the scan.