Confusion and mistakes

latley i get very confused,make a awful amount of mistakes,muddled up,carnt explain wot im tryin to say,go all round the place tryin to get wot im feelin or my words out.people take things for granted,not no how it feels unless in the same postion,ino its the pd doin this and medication,but makes me so frustrated how it feels and wot i become.people dont tend to listern to you propley,kinda brush u under the carpet,like o god i got beter things to do than listern to her,and nothins more frustration than bein ignored when tryin so my head i no wot i wonna say and do,but it not happin rite some times,good days ,bad days ,but more bad days latley.forgettin things is another issue,i no people go in one room and some times forge wot they gone in there for and rember not long after,thats part of life,but with me and ino ive spoke to other pd members forgettin things is much more than that.i may sound like im havin a wingin day to you,and im speakin of just me self,but thats not my intentions.wot im tryin to expalin is everythin ive rote here,is frustration and gets me so cross with me does things effect yourselfs?is it very simular to how ive expalined,or is ur effects,feelins much different,do you ever feel like givin up tryin to expalin,and think o well made a mistake never mind or does it get to u ,as much as it does to me?some days i push forward and feel positive and can do more things,heads more clearer,i ask me self why is that,why is some days so hard no mater wot u touch or say it dont seem to work,and feel like lockin ur self in the bedroom out of the way of things:confused:
I know just how you feel alij some days i just can`t get my words out, i won`t answer the telephone and pray no-one knocks on my door (i hate to admit it but i`ve hidden in the house so i don`t have to answer the door)! Other days i can hold a conversation perfectly. Its as if the wiring is confused in my brain, i just wish i could detect when its going to happen.

Try and stay positive it really does help!

C x
I know the feeling . Sometimes I am speaking to , or asking my husband a question and it's like I am talking to the wall .. Or haven't said anything ..
I know this very well, I have been having speech and language therapy for it, because apparently it is a well-known symptom that some PwP get. I have also noticed that my social skills are not very tuned-in any more - I talk over people when I should be waiting for them to finish, and it looks very rude. But for me the worst is when I forget a word - and I quickly search my brain for another one (which used to work) and can't find that either. And then I just forget the whole topic anyway. People gaze at me strangely (but they do that anyway!!)
Sorry to butt in ladies and gents, I don't have PD but I seem to have a short memory spam now a days. It is very strange for me as in my working life I had to talk to a room full of people and I am told I did it all very well.

I now have taken to write things down that I want to talk about. Even when talking on the phone I am busy making notes so I can answer questions asked.

I think what helps me and may well help some of you is to do say spot the difference games or something, anything like that that makes your brain work.

This is especially important if you are alone most of the day, it is then that your brain gets lazy.

Meds can also cause brain fuzziness. I am very lucky in having an O/H who seems to understand what I am trying to say so we don't have a problem in having a convo.

I think it is very important to keep your brain working as it is to keep your body moving.

Radz x
And that's why you're the world's wizz at anagrams!! :grin:
I understand how you all feel and what is happening to you .

I have learned that when my husband comes out with a word that isn't quite right , it's sort of the same , and I am used to it we laugh about it together .

He has also learned to , when in company when he cannot carry on with a conversation to say , "WILL YOU BARE WITH ME FOR A MOMENT PLEASE .

I have read about the problem by googling .

For many years , during a conversation especially in company he would suddenly divert away from it , change the subject completely . I use to get embarressed and tell him he was rude . Often he would suddenly walk away .

Looking back on so many things we now realise he had been suffering with Parkinsons all the time . ( that should read we haveboth been suffering lol )
Hi Radz. Where do I get hold of some of the "memory spam" of which you speak?

Hi Johnnie, Does your o/h really mean "bare with me", and not "bear with me"? I can imagine you all taking your clothes off!

I just love simple typos which accidentally produce silly alternative meanings!

By jove ROS you are hot on the typos tonight..............Memory SPAM would be wonderful if it could be bought but sadly not.........ROFLMAO
Speaking of typos, I never was a world champion at spelling but lately when I type a post or E Mail somehow I am hitting the wrong keys all the time and the resulting words cannot be found in any dictionary! Most often I get the keys on either side of the one intended. Also, I proof read what I have written several times before I post but when it appears there it is, a blimmin mistake! I know, I hear you. "Use spellcheck" but thats giving in to yet another of the things I can't do any more.

Even more scary, is that when I'm reading a book, I see strange words in the place of the ones that are printed. I have to keep stopping and rereading sentences which makes for slow progress.

Its like my eyes are seeing one thing and my brain is seeing another. Don't know if I can blame PD for all this or not.

PS If anyone finds a mistake in this post I shall Scream! :cry: