Constant leg pain

Hi All,

I'm a 28 year old with YOPD. Over the last few months I have developed a constant burning pain in my knee, low back thigh and down the front of my shin, on my left leg. I also get incredibly achey legs, which leads to a lot of discomfort. The pain is less noticeable when stood up or walking and subsides slightly if I lie on my front.

Does anyone else have similar symptoms? What is it called? Could it be a side effect of my medication?

I'm currently on the following meds:

1mg Azilect
10mg Requip XL
100/25mg Sinemet
25mg Amitriptyline (this is what the specialist put me on for the pain originally, it just makes me tired and has no noticeable effect)

Any help or advice would be grand.
Make an appointment with your GP and ask his opinion.

Also get him to ask your specialist what he thinks the reason for the pain is since he has prescribed drugs for the pain.
Hi. Your achey legs relieved by movement sounds a bit like restless legs which is a documented PD symptom. I often get it at night. Are you due for a meds review perhaps?
I'm sorry to hear you are in such pain. I have leg pain too which no-one seems to be able to diagnose either.
The pain goes down through my buttocks to the front of my shin. My leg and foot have pins and needles at times and walking makes it worse.
At first the doc thought it was a disc problem, but an MRI proved normal. Physio, traction and stretching helps to a degree. I also have achy thigh and leg muscles when I walk.
So far, most pain meds haven't helped, just time and rest.
My legs ache constantly and I often get pain in my shins. I went on a Spa day over the weekend and the massage I had worked wonders! I had no leg aches or pain for the rest of the day! Bliss!
hi kjimn, I too suffer from these pains. I have recently returned to work on a phased return and due to my job within the NHS I have now been given a desk job as the pain is to much for me to walk around the hospital departments so I know how you feel I am 43 diagnosed in oct 2012 and still trying to come to terms with the whole PD. Try and remain positive my friend and don't let it beat you.:rolling_eyes: