Constant nasal congestion

My husband experiences almost permanent nasal congestion but has been told it is not a symptom of his Parkinsons yet to me it seems related as it is better when he is "well" so to speak. does anyone out there experience the same problem!!!!

funny you should mention this.
first of all things you can do
-saline spray up the nose works wonders
- try cutting down on dairy
- try antihisteme (check with pharmacist or doctor)

is nasal congestion the symptom or the cause?
the SN neurons are particularly prone to oxygen deficiency
i feel better outside in the fresh air
i feel worse in stuffy rooms

for some people, could chronic low-level oxygen deficiency be part of the cause?
i have no ******** idea!!!!
ps so i am suggesting your husband's pd might be better because his nose is clear no the other way round. why not try clearing up his blocked nose and see whether his pd improves? an interesting experiment and cant do any harm
but no decongestants if in azilect or selegiline!!!!!!
I have had problems with catarrh for years but it has improved a lot since I started drinking 3 pints of water a day
Toots you say your husbands nose is blocked . Does he happen to mouth breat a lot . My husband does he never seems to breath in and out of his nose and he gasps a lot when under any stress /effort .

I feel dreadful because I canot help myself keeping on asking him to close his mouth . It drops open involuntary.

I also have a dry nose . NOT WET LOL >> but the GP advised me to make up a nasal wash wash of salt sugar and Bi Carb in boiled water and spray /squirt it up the nostrils . Ihad a nasal drip and when ever it bothers me I use it and it does really work
make sure the water has cooled down!!!!!

it is important to use sterilised water as there have been cases of meningitis from unboiled tap water.
Hi Akk,

In the course of my wanderings around the internet I once read that 25 percent of PWP's suffer with chronic rhinitis. How this percentage compares with the rest of the population was not mentioned. Cause or effect? Who knows
This is interesting. I have struggled with chronic rhinitis for over 35 years and find that the only thing which controls it is aspirin which is, of course, an anti-inflammatory. Isn't there a link somewhere between PD and inflammation?
from new scientist a while back.
Many thanks for that, Turnip – very interesting. It might be worth mentioning that I was subjected to diesel fumes as a child and the rhinitis started when I was nearly 30. The PD started 30 years after that.

Chicken … or egg?
lol . thank you yes cooled water

My husband doesn't seem to suffer with Rhinitis although he doesn't breath through his nose very much . It's interesting when you mention Inflamation because I have always thought the painful knees my husband suffers are partly inflamation , he took a long time to get over his knee op and his veins always look as if they might be inflamed .

I have a friend who has suffered with Lupus for many years and as the years have passed she has been troubled with cattarh which was something never before

Chicken/ egg is a term I have been using more and more