Constant sleeping

My mum is now constantly sleeping (day and night) and it is becoming difficult to get her to eat and drink. It can take 15 mins to get her medication into her. We are constantly trying to stimulate her to stay awake but nothing helps. It is very stressful for my 82 year old dad in lockdown with her - they only get 2 x 30 minutes care each day. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I had this problem with my mother, although for different reasons; she had Alzheimers. It is extremely difficult to manage. I suggest you speak to her doctor. After my mother went into a care home, the GP prescribed a high calorie food supplement which helped her retain weight.

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This is quite common for people with Parkinson’s, this is also known as daytime hypersomnolence. Parkinson’s medications can cause excessive daytime sleepiness or sudden onset of sleep. This may be more likely in people with later stage Parkinson’s who are on multiple medications. It can also occur when increasing medication, particularly dopamine agonists.

Medication may help, so I’d advise you speak to your GP, specialist or Parkinson’s nurse. If you need more support on this or would like to speak to someone directly about it, you can always give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303.

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Thanks. We have spoken to both the GP and Parkinsons nurse (who I might add is absolutely brilliant) and it seems we are getting to end stage unfortunately. We are constantly monitoring mum now and trying to feed her little bit often but especially at the moment it is so draining on my dad with the lock down too. Thanks for your responses