Constipation and Divarication Recti

I have previously posted about the problems I have experienced with constipation which resulted in the development of an umbilical hernia necessitating surgery. That occurred two years ago since when I have been taking two Laxido Powders every day to combat constipation. Laxido has proved quite successful in doing so but unfortunately it also brings its own problems. I now evacuate my bowels every day, sometimes requiring as many as 3 visits to the toilet. This invariably occurs in the morning which obliges me to stay very close to home until I have completed the evacuation. However, sometimes I have to attend appointments in the morning before my toilet visits have occurred. I do my utmost to avoid this but it isn’t always possible if, for example, I need to see my GP urgently or have a hospital appointment. This has resulted in me having the occasional “Accident” when not in close proximity to a public toilet. This despite the fact that I have done my homework to establish where all accessible toilets are located. So, if I have an early appointment and my bowel movement has not occurred naturally, I do occasionally try to force a “Movement” before I leave home and thus avoid a possible “Accident”. Regretably, This has caused what I thought was a recurrence of my Hernia but which my GP has informed me is, in fact, a “Divarication Recti”. I understand this is a division of the abdominal muscles and more commonly associated with Pregnant Women. The condition is not, as yet, painful but does cause discomfort and restricts ones flexibility. My GP has advised that I should try to live with it and avoid further surgery. The restrictions it places upon me are such that I doubt if I will be able to “Live with it”. In addition to my own PD, I am also carer for my wife who has MS and that places considerable physical demands upon me. My purpose in posting all of this is to enquire whether anybody reading it may have suffered from a similar condition and how they dealt with it. I am very interested to read any response. Gerrard

Instead of using Laxido why not try to change your diet, ie 2 or 3 dried prunes every day and wholemeal bread also more fruit and veg. Much better to try a natural way to keep regular.

Hi Gerrard.

Same here, only not so bad. I eat a few sticks of liquorish a day, and that certainly helps.

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I sympathise with you very much.

Most days I use something called a qufora irrisido mini which helps me empty my bowels fully by irrigating the lower bowel. Without it I would struggle to get out of the house some days and would not be able to work etc. I get it on prescription. It can either be obtained through your pharmacy or a service called script easy - a specialist service for continence products and the prescriptions are delivered by courier in packaging that could come from any online shopping service.

This was suggested by a continence nurse a few years ago. This may be of interest to you. If you can get an appointment with a continence nurse this may help provide a way through the problem for you.

Margs, Thank you for your response to my posting. I have suffered with constipation for 8 years since I was first diagnosed with PD and have gone down most routes to deal with it. I really have found that the most effective treatment for me is Laxadol. My routine now is to take the Laxadol around the time of my main meal at night. I get up in the morning at 7am and eat a few prunes followed by coffee and that usually - though not always - triggers things off. It’s the odd occasions when it doesn’t that are causing my present difficulty.

Rubyduby, Thank you for responding to my posting. I am very interested in the qufora irrisido and propose to investigate it further. I have telephoned my local hospital this morning to arrange an appointment with the continence nurse. Can you confirm for me whether you use the system in isolation or do you also take some form of laxative?

I am one of the exceptions to the rule and don’t get constipation but a tendency to loose bowel motions. But I have difficulty in emptying my bowels fully. So I have to control this with occasional doses of Imodium and using the qufora irrisido system. However I believe it works very well with constipation too.

The main thing for me is it gives me confidence
that I have fully opened my bowels and can go out with no nasty surprises happening.

Doctors treat PD digestive problems as being a symptom of Parkinson’s disease to be addressed by laxatives. There is a growing realisation that these problems are actually a major contributor to the disease ltself and that you can improve your PD situation by putting your digestion right. On advice, I am treating it as being due to a breakdown in my autoimmune system. I have been on the AI Paleo diet for 15 weeks now and it has transformed my digestive system. No more constipation or diarrhoea. It is hard work in the kitchen but excellent nutrition. I feel 100% better for it and feel I am doing something very positive about my PD.
Google the diet. It has been around for a long time.
Hope this helps. Cheers John

It’s impossible to know what would be best for you, but PD constipation is such an issue and we solve it with prunes and juice, slippery elm tablets (natural lubrication of the digestive tract) and lots of veges and fruit smoothies etc . Very little red meat. Mostly chicken and fish. Processed meat is another enemy. So are most medications.
Good luck. You have far too much for one person to have to deal with. I admire you.

Many thanks to those of you who have responded to my posting, I have delayed coming back in the hope that I might hear from someone else who has suffered a Divarication. I have considered all of the advice offered, most of which, revolves around a disciplined diet. I have tried that in the past but, to be perfectly honest, I just do not have the necessary self control to maintain it and I enjoy my food too much. I have now reached an age when I just refuse to give up some of the good things in life. As I have previously indicated, I do eat a few prunes every morning which certainly helps. On reflection, the advice which best appeals to me is that offered by Rubyduby relating to Bowel Irrigation and I have made an appointment with a Continence Nurse to pursue that further. Best Wishes, Gerrard