Constipation and low sodium

My poor Dad is having terrible trouble staying regular and it completely immobilises him. He is 90 and diagnosed with Parkinsons in 2017. Unfortunately in 2022 he was diagnosed with severely low sodium and hospitalised for three weeks. the outcome his that his is now restricted to max of 1500mls of fluids and takes sodium tablets.

I have been researching the sites and forums for advise that will help him be more comfortable, and also spoken to his Parkinsons Nurse. we are now using powdered linseed. Increasingly swapping breakfast cereal for fresh fruit and yoghurt as I feel that every time he has a wheatbix or porridge a couple of days later he has a serious blockage. I am really good at making sure he has fresh veg every day and he is now avoiding red meat. I read that if you take fibre you must have plenty of fluids, so am I right in thinking the fluid restriction is making it harder for dad to process the cereal so perhaps we have to reduce or change his fibre in take? As his sodium level was nice and steady for awhile we agreed with his GP that he good increase his fluids to 1800mls a day, his bowels were better but very quickly he started to get very confused blood tests showed his sodium had dropped rapidly, so we had to go back to 1500mls a day… he has monthly blood tests to keep on top of this.

Hi, not too sure about restricting water consumption but a daily serving of strawberries I reckon helps me stay regular,

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