Constipation and Parkinson

Hi all I am a newly diagnosed (a week ago) and apart from some days of extreme tiredness I'm ok with the ReQuip starter pack pills. My main issue is the constipation and I'm wondering if anyone has /is using anything that alleviates it please? Also will the gp prescribe anything or is it down to us to sort it out?

Hope you are all well.
Tony in Cornwall.
fruit is good for prevention - melon, peaches, apricot etc
lots of warm water helps once there is a problem.
Try to avoid prescription stuff unless things get very bad. It really is the same old same old, lots of fibre and exercise.
Hi Tony!

My non-PD hubby had constipation after surgery, and the doc recommended he drink a bottle of magnesium citrate, which worked.

My non-PD mum used to have constipation a lot, and we would give her pear juice. Now that she is in a nursing home, the carers give her Movicol with her evening meal to keep her regular. It seems to work!

These are over the counter medicines. The Movicol even comes in chocolate flavoured sachets, at least in Australia.
if you take magnesium stay within sprinting distance of a toilet.
Years ago a friend carried out some experiments on herself and finally announced that 3 prunes every morning was the best cure.
Many of her friends have followed this regime and found relief from constipation including my PD husband. We always take a packet on holiday!
One doubtful mate upped the dose to 5 but lived to regret it!
Worth a try?
dates are quite good too
Thanks all for takin g the time to reply, this is very useful.:grin:
Tony (in Cornwall)
The more indulgent 'remedy' is liquorice, the black bits in Allsorts.
According to the TV show `Embarrassing Bodies` a coffee enema is an effective cure for constipation.
I can confirm this is true; however, I`m no longer welcome in my local Starbucks :laughing:
"if you take magnesium stay within sprinting distance of a toilet."

Yeah, what he said.
jacko - very funny
sheryl - only those who have experienced magnesium salt overdose know!

Don't ignore your constipation. Fruit is all very well but not fibre, we have been advised against this.

OH takes prunes every morning, nibbles on dates and other fruit during the day but still had their sigmoid colon removed two years ago due to a complete blockage in a loop that had formed in their colon.

Two years later they are still taking Movicol, and sometimes also need a Senekot to make matters run efficiently. Movicol is taken at least three times a day to avoid a recurrence and even more drastic surgery.

OH has been hospitalised twice in the last two years with what was a recurrence of a possible complete blockage but was, thankfully, dealt with without further surgery.

Don't ignore constipation.
ii believe that constipation can interfere with drug intake.
there are two types of fibre - soluble and non-soluble. soluble - fruit etc is good. non-soluble can be counterproductive depending on your situation - you might want to ask your doctor
Absolutely right turnip.

I can tell when the constipation problem is building up as the Parkinsons medication is not as effective and if, bad enough, hardly works at all. It then takes days to get back to normal, Parkinsons meds wise.
There's an updated version of looking after your bowels at Worth a read
My bot is all egg-fried-rice bound. Time for operation "pop-A-point pencil" using newtons laws of motions (what goes in must come out) and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction Now wishing I had been born a proctologist instead of good looking. Mrs Eck thinks i would have made a good proctologist as I talk a lot of sheet. (Or sumfin like that). Bless. I think.
l remember seeing a TV program about Victorian way of life. lt said to use a small stool to put your feet on while using the loo, sounds odd, but it can help.
That's the problem...lack of stools!

Recently cut wheat out of my diet and added a generous glug of olive oil to my lunchtime salad.  Replaced breakfast cereal with granola, nuts and seeds.  Result, so far, is no more laxatives and no constipation.  Long may it continue!