Constipation - any cure?


I’m sure I’m not the only Person suffering with constipation and bloated stomach.

So looking for suggestions on how to ease the problem that is OK with PD meds?



Hi SteCummings
I am not sure what you have tried yet but my GP prescribed Sennacot for me. It comes .in small pills or liquid form, nice and gentle.
Hope it helps


Thanks Mal

Not tried anything yet as new to PD and thought it would sort it itself out. But as it’s getting worst I thought it time to try something to help.


My PD nurse told me to try golden linseed, it’s a natural laxative. Mix a tablespoon into yoghurt or sprinkle on cereal, it’s a bit like crunchy sugar, I sprinkle it on muesli, you can buy it in Tesco, find it with the baking stuff, flour etc…for s change find three prunes


Oops finished too soon… three prunes every day for a change. Constipation is s bit of a bummer. Lol
Hope this helps
Sue x


Personally I am on Fybogel Orange twice a day which I take one hour after breakfast and evening meals as prescribed by my Doctor. I was on Senokot but that began to have no effect and I became immune to it. They say that you can go as much as two days without having been but if it gets to three and there’s still no movement then you need to get back to the Doctor.



I suffered seriously with constipation and developed a hernia resulting from straining. I have since undergone surgery to correct the hernia. I now take 2 Laxido powders every night which has resolved the problem. I evacuate my bowels every day.


I eat lots of fruit … at least a punnet of grapes or strawberries a day, and try to limit the amount of meat in my diet.


Thanks for so many great bits of advice, which gives me plenty to think about. As I’m going 4-6 days without movement, I may have to go the doctors if your recommendations do not work

Here’s hoping as fed up going doctors


That is bad Ste, you need to see your Doctor urgently as you have a serious problem, no one should suffer what you’re going through. Keep us updated on your progress please.



Hi Les

I have booked an appointment with the doctor, whilst I wait to see him I am keeping track so I can be 100% factual

Really do appreciate the great advice



Steve - just a word to counter what might be rising panic (as a result of what Les said!) - constipation lasting for 4-6 days is worrying, but not necessarily dangerous - I was routinely going for 7 - 10 days between motions for years before I was diagnosed with PD. :grinning:


My husband was prescribed Golden Linseed, 2 tablespoons with his cereal at breakfast. It helps. It also helps a urinary problem caused by pressure of the bowel on the bladder. A good thing without adding to the drug burden.


Good morning

I have suffered for years, and now after taking 50
MLS 3 times a day of lactulose , I have added eating prunes around 4 three times a day, this helps me alittle . I hope this is something you may try.

Kind regards Raz


Hi Vic, Thanks for your valuable input. I was only relaying info learnt from my Doctor as I was concerned for Ste’s well being. Any information shared on here is a learning curve for us all and greatly appreciated.



I tried lactulose which was a bit drastic but worked. I have found that drinking lots of good old fashioned water first thing in the morning works for me. Some ends up in the bladder but if you drink enough some gets into the bowel and loosens you up. It’s cheaper than taking medicines and has no side effects!


I think I will try natural laxatives first before taking on more meds, hopefully trying some of the ideas on here will help. Thanks everyone


Our experience is:
Drink enough water a day minimu 2 liters
eat fruit and vegetables more than meat
walk, and walk everyday minimum half hour
Lineside oil is oke in the morning for omega 3
everyday a little back Curapec powder with water , with food, keeps more water in the stool.
We take also vitamine D ( very important )
good luck


Hi there, I’m having tests to find the cause of bloating/constipation/abpain etc. I currently take one sachet of mivicol with orange juice last thing at night.
I am also on high iron tabs because apparently my body is fighting an inflammation somewhere in my bod, which is causing low iron ! Havn’t found it yet.
Anyway is bloating/constipation communing hsp? I’m currently eating small meals with spinach kale etc to help with the full feeling and being uncomfortable after eating a meal etc.
Great isn’t it lol…


I use oat bran/porridge oats 50:50 or add oat bran to other cereals about tablespoon. I also use chia seeds(fibre content 33%) one teaspoon with other cereals- as recommended by Dr Michael Mosley. You can get a 200g packet from Aldi for £1.20 -ish and it lasts for well over a fortnight.