Constipation problem

I have a constipation problem, and would like to try Flax Seeds. Ground ones are recommended, but Tesco have brown flax seeds, that do not look like they are ground.

Any advice welcome please.

I take Lactulose daily and don’t have a problem. You can buy it at the Chemist but your GP should prescribe it for you if you explain!
Good luck :thinking:

Hi Dave 1.

Thanks for the reply, but I was hoping to find out if the packet of Flax seed was a powder. The picture on it looks like whole seed.

My husband uses Flaxseed but as we don’t have a tesco can’t help you on their own brand, we buy Linwood milled flaxseed which are not quite a powder but mix in well with cereals and they work without turning to chemicals!
Also found that Meridian organic Molasses work! I would rather go the natural foods route before anything else as have found Lactulose too strong.
Not sure I have been any help but good luck

Dear All,

Golden linseed is such a lovely product. Can be added to all sorts and I remember using it boiled into a gloopy mass for hours on the stove as an old horseman’s anecdotally-recommened natural addition to food for a shiny coat (in horses!).

I heard ages ago on the radio that fibre intake should be both soluble and insoluble for maximum gut well-being. Not sure which linseed (flaxseed) is, but I expect it is insoluble for obvious reasons!!!

The molasses sounds lovely too, modian - will give this a go as an alternative sweetener.

Irrespective of efficacy, such natural products are really nice.

Good luck JohnnyD with quest.

Just to add that above experiences (sadly) belong to a former life and I can’t “do” shops at all now. Fortunately, I don’t have to, for which I am so eternally grateful.

Also, I am so grateful that I can still cook and bake - be it at my own pace - and feel secure in my own familiar surroundings…actually hate going anywhere e.g. dentist, doctor. So it’s nice to think about ‘normal’ things, like ingredients, and enjoy the moment.

Best wishes,


Thank you modian and baz2.

Very useful information, and I have ordered some Linwoods Milled flax, Nuts Q10, and see what happens.

It says it helps to reduce tiredness. I hope it works…

I tried the Flax Seed for a few days, and I had some uncomfortable stomach pain. This is a side effect, and one I can do without.

So back to square one! I am looking at breakfast cereals, to see what I may like.

Psyllium tablets work well for me as a regular supplement

Hi Johny - the psyllium is in 500 mg capsules - the fibre is very finely ground. I’ll keep an eye out for flax seed powder. Have you checked with Holland and Barrett or similar stockists?

Thanks Bluetrainers.

That’s a bit expensive.

Linwoods Milled Flax Seed is available at Tesco. It’s a powder, and like eating sand, unless you mix it well with cereal.