Constipation Sorted

Constipation Sorted

I eat a high fibre diet and take Laxido which helps but it still makes it very difficult to get started.
My solution, is anal/rectal irrigation using a bidet shower head (Enema). The tap and fittings can be purchased on ebay

Push the shower head against your anus and squirt some water in The lubricating effect is immediate, hardly any pushing. Do not squirt too much water in or you may stretch the rectal muscles in the long run.
The biggest cost is the plumber

if you are away from home buy an anal irrigation kit (it Enema kit)

Let me know if it works for you

Hmm - Having some difficulty following all that. Any chance of a video demonstration?


Hi @Jakeb,

I’d recommend you drink plenty of fluids throughout the day to avoid dehydration. Any fluid is suitable, including water, fruit juice, milk, tea, coffee and squashes.We have more information on ways to treat constipation here -

If the problem doesn’t go away, then I’d also recommend that you speak to your GP or nurse.

Best wishes,

just search ‘enema’ images
i do it sitting on the toilet
you could buy an enema kit v cheaply
i find using the bidet shower head more convenient and controllable than bottles or bags

Hi all, not had any feedback which is disappointing. because I’ve had almost no problems in the 4 years i have been using this procedure.
I probably made it sound over complicated. Here is a recent recent ebay ad for ‘the kit’

Hi Jakeb

My sister has pd and her life is dominated by constipation. She eats a high fibre diet and drinks lots as well as taking prescribed gels. She uses a sulphate enema sometimes which gives short relief.
Is your shower head rectal irrigation still working? As you say, one needs to be careful not to perforate or stretch the rectal lining.
Is your mobility badly affected by pd and if so, does the irrigation improve it?

Hi Anne, I really hope this procedure helps
To answer your questions, I use cold water, no additives

‘‘The shower head ‘’’ still working,’’ 'im?, not sure what you mean. I give the shower/bidet head , a clean . but it is almost self cleaning…
attached are some pics of the set o up
remember,the pressure can be high so do some practise squirts.
Left or right side, that your choice.
So, pass the head between your legs,;push head against the anus and short squirt.,.
repeat and fingers crossed.