Since I was diagnosed with PD in 2008, I have tried a variety of remedies in order to prevent constipation. These include, prunes, stewed pears, Psycillium husks, all of which workd for a long while. Then I resorted to Senna, Movicol, Lactulose, and all of these worked for a while, but they have now lost their effectiveness. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can get things moving?

With thanks. Dixie
Have you tried fybogel? It always rescues me.
Fybogel's active constituent is ispaghula.

Ispaghula is the same as psyllium.

Take care with constipation and try to keep it at bay but I know how difficult that can be.

Last year my OH had, for the second time, a bowel blockage. The first time it was corrected, on the second attempt, by a colonoscopy but the next time it happened, just 3 months later, and due to the fact that the consultant considered that this would recur many times now that a loop had formed in the colon, and that there was a weakness there, my OH had their sigmoid colon removed.

It was a major operation, with 5 days in ITU, and a 3 week hospital stay in a hospital many miles away.

During their stay their were issues with medication and dignity of care.

However, apart from that, a major operation seems to have progressed their Parkinson's,. Anaethesia made them very confused and they suffered extreme hallucinations, frightening more so for me than them as they were convinced that they were real.Memory problems are now far worse though that may be a co-oincidence though I think not.

The only plus point in all of this is that a colostomy was not needed, though we were taken through the possibility, including being given a pack of all the necessary paraphernalia, OH being marked pre op as to where a stoma might be, and all that it entails, just in case it was needed during the operation.

They could not categorically say that a stoma would not be the outcome, they just hoped that it would not be necessary.

Next week we have the final appointment to see how things are 16 months after their operation and all I'll say is.... not perfect by any means despite taking Movicol/Lactulose.

I am not posting this to scare anyone, just to say how much you need to be on top of any possible instance of constipation turning out to become a real problem and a complete blockage. Just try to not let it get to the stage where medical intervention may be needed.
I know it's a 'golden oldie' but have you tried All Bran? Use it instead of flour in a fruit cake and put figs and prunes in as part of the dried fruit mix.
At last I have found the magic bullet.
The remedy ( I have been diagnosed PD for over 3years), was advised by my Chiropratic doctor, to remove toxins from the body. Targeting the mercury adsorbed by simply having amalgum teeth fillings.
Like you, I hav esuffered constipatio, taken the same things, i.e.prunes, allbran etc..

CHLORELLA ................did it for me. Can buy capsules or the powder form.

The latter, take a teaspoonfull................preferable not to leave home after.... Capsules, a safer bet work for me 2-4 hours later.

Chlorella is a natural product, basically a special dries seaweed......
Mosie, prunes every morning with breakfast most days - at least 4 of their 5 a day, every day but they still need Movicol, sometimes on a very high dose.

However, thanks for your suggestion, I will buy some and see if it helps.

Any more ideas for keeping this very real, life threatening, problem at bay????

That is what it would have come to, life threatening, if the blockage had not been resolved, OR, if the bowel had perforated before surgical intervention.

When I expressed my concern at the op being cancelled, and rescheduled for 3 days ahead, (blockage was already 5 days in place),and the possibility of the situation becoming more life threatening, I was told.................if that happens, we will operate!!!

OK, operate when it becomes a life and death situation and don't intervene to prevent that. Makes so much sense with the present state of the NHS. Prevaricate and it costs more than if you sorted it out in the first place.

I had such confidence, NOT!!!

I am in much the same situation, though not life threatening, where my GP diagnosed a trapped nerve in my arm and referred me to a consultant. I had that appointment this week AND, the consultant agreed with the GP's diagnosis. This was 7 weeks later. Now referred for nerve conduction tests and an MRI, another 6-8 weeks and then an appointment with the consultant weeks after the results, as both my GP and consultant believe, an op will be needed to resolve the problem.

I have had this trapped nerve for almost 4 months, will probably be another few months until I see the consultant again and then be put on the waiting list, for what is considered to be a non urgent op. and, if it is not sorted out then I will lose muscle function in my hand. I have already noticed this in the way I type. Why did my GP not refer me straight away for these tests?? The condition will only get worse and then I, as well as my OH, may well be far more of a burden on the NHS in the future.

False economy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Sort on ASAP and then the eventual cost will be far less.
Hi Dixie,

Try grated raw beetroot with mayonnaise, hot chilli peppers and drink plenty of fluid throughout the day. I have the beetroot at lunch time, and a small piece of raw chilli pepper with my dinner at night. It works daily. One added advantage is that the capsaicin in the chilli has antiparkinson effect in a dose dependent manner (for fruit flies at least).

Many thanks to all of you for your replies concerning constipation. Thank you also to Quiest for your Gou teng information.

I had a curry yesterday evening - cauliflower bhaji and mushroom bhaji - and it worked!
I have been diagnosed since 2008 (I am 64).I noticed that in 2006 when I used to attend yoga class, that my right arm began to bend inwards. I had been prescribed Azilect which got rid of the ache in my leg, but made my hair fall out.
I now take sinemet 62.5 (six per day). Neupro patches 12mg - once per day. The sinemet is making my hair fall out, but I am taking something that was recommended by someone on this forum. I haven't been taking it for long - but I remain hopeful. Tremor is getting worse and so is the stiffness in my legs. It is a constant daily battle to keep going - but today I feel good.

Thank you
I tried fybogel, prunes, all bran and all sorts of natural things, no effect.

The only thing that works for me is Movicol which I now get by prescription. After it got things moving I now take one sachet every other day with an occasional need to take 1 a day for a few days. It works without fail for me.

Hope this helps.

Hi Dixie, I try to alternate the remedies as I find my body gets used to one thing & stops working. When I get desperate I use a glycerin suppository which is always sure to work but I don't think it's a good idea to rely on them.
... forgot to say - I will certainly be trying Frostie's remedy the Chlorella!!
Try Glycerin suppositories.They are very quick,effective and work almost on demand !! You must try them,but please stay within range of the bathroom,and be prepaired to run quickly. Good luck
Hi I to have the problem but one I am free .do not eat chocolate and drink hot chocolate or coffee drink more water eat more peas beans lentils and. Brown bread this will help it take a couple of weeks to take but it's worth it so I hope it helps jem 47 :smile:

BH doesn’t usually have this problem all the time but after a big shock this week the dreaded problem struck! Knowing that Lactulose doesn’t always work I suggested Organic Molasses. One tsp and all systems working, in fact too much.

I tried high fibre diets initially but even added with strong coffee ceased effectiveness eventually. I developed IBS. I now have a FODMAP diet that reduces bloating and trapped wind and alleviates IBS Added with one fybogel with breakfast or glass of ispaghula husk. My doc prescribed amitiza which retains water in the bowel taken twice daily breakfast and evening meal. Now this got things moving apart from the initial desire to “go”. To get this I use a 15% saline enema. They are cheap disposable globes of plastic filled with saline with a spout that you insert, practice and Vaseline help. Hold in for 1 minute then bingo bottom falls out of your world. This is hardly ideal but I was suicidal before so preferable!

If anyone has a better solution let me know, movicol seems popular?

Hi there - I’ve finally found something that works for me - Lancashire Farms (3 tablespoons) natural yogurt taken with oranges and a handful of shredded wheat bites for breakfast (all in one bowl with no milk. It has been amazingly effective within an hour. Hope it works for you.

Update gave up on amitiza and just went with tablespoon of isphagula husks in 50/50aloe Vera juice and water after each far that has done the trick it was such a relief to have a natural soft bowel movement, no need for enemas last two times, let husks soak for 3-5mins, good luck!