Nice, I know. But a friend who is a naturopath suggested taking flax seeds & it does help. Cover a teaspoon full of flax seeds over night in water & swallow it before breakfast.


I have discovered Chia seeds work wonders too. I sprinkle a tsp. on my breakfast cereal every morning . You can add them to absolutely anything though. Also if you leave them in liquid for a while, they swell up and can be drunk as a thick liquid. Chia seeds have many other benefits too.


Someone sent me  a link to SHERRYL KLINGELHOFER..her father had Parkinson's & she developed lots of exercises that she's posted on FACEBOOK. This woman is marvellous-many would charge, etc --it's all free. I've just started her exercises for the dreaded curling here's hoping it will help. But look at her posts--interesting!