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Hi all

I hope you can help. My ex-husband was told by his GP 4 days ago that he has Parkinson's at the age of 50. Having spoken to him and another GP, and researched this site and others, there is no doubt that he does have it and has had it for a number of years. We are therefore now in the position of waiting for an NHS appointment which we are told might take some time.

I would like to start him on mucuna pruriens straight away because of the severity of his symptoms and current inability to work. I've also started him on the antioxidant supplements that may also be helpful.

Does anyone know of a consultant in the West Midlands area that we could go to privately for an initial consultation / diagnosis (say the BUPA hospital in Sutton Coldfield or somewhere in Birmingham) who is supportive of mucuna pruriens and other complementary treatments?

Thank you
Hi there

1 To get a dx. If you want a private neuro in your area google 'neurologist parkinson disease' (or similar) That's how I found one in my area. A lot of NHS neuros, practice privately, look for a PD specialist
Unless you have private health insurance any DaT scans and the like are expensive ( over £2k):cry:

2 Mucuna

I suspect it is rare that mainstream neuros will advocate Mucuna ( they site dosage problems)but you never know, supplements - they will tend towards the 'won't do you any harm' approach

good information sites

join and search their archives on mucuna - there's a load of info from users on dosages (essentially low and slow). You can source mucuna on ebay and from health/spice specialists - it's a question of strength and purity

If you haven't come across it yet try this info source

There's also a stage 2 clinical trial for Cogane currently recruiting (under research last thread - on this forum). They may now have a participating hospital in your area. They probably require a firm dx though

If you want a cheap reliable source for COQ10 Pm me - I buy mine on ebay from the USA. Recent trials of COQ10 were stopped though.

any questions feel free to ask

Thank you.