Continuous Levadopa patch

NeuroDerm, Ltd. announced today that enrollment of healthy subjects is ongoing in its Phase I clinical trial of ND0612, a novel drug formulation for the treatment of Parkinson's disease.ND0612 is a proprietary levodopa/carbidopa liquid formula administered continuously via a subcutaneous delivery patch device. It is designed to provide steady levodopa blood levels and enhanced bioavailability of oral levodopa for the reduction of motor complications inParkinson's disease.

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Very interesting cutiepie. Reluctantly just about to try Neupro patch to supplement levadopa.
very interesting indeed, eating levadopa is the silliest way of getting it into the body.

As I approach my sixty seventh birthday and my twentieth year living with Parkinson’s, like many others, my options are limited.
If you had asked me all those years ago if I thought two decades later we would still not have a cure,  I would have said you were crazy.  But here we are in 2015 when more time, expertise and hard cash has been thrown at this ‘enigma’, than ever before, and still the majority of us wait in ‘death valley’ while red tape and greed eat away at what is for us a luxury: that of time; and we continue, ever hopeful, if tempered with scepticism, for someone, somewhere to pull the proverbial rabbit out of the hat!
The PD years, like those of most others with this condition, has been a roller-coaster ride of addictive medications, punctuated by gruesome hospital stays during which staff appear at liberty to treat PD patients any way they please whilst having extremely limited knowledge of the disease itself, and we mustn’t forget the true bastion of power, the ever pompous consultant with the cavalier attitude to his/her patients and  a mind closed like a vice to anything that pushes the boundaries of his/her personal beliefs.
As I said earlier, most of us have little time left, it is so very precious:  shouldn‘t we make improving our method of treatment our real priority while the ‘experts’ chase the ‘rabbit’. I believe we will soon have a real opportunity to improve our quality of life via the new liquid form of levodopa/carbidopa for subcutaneous infusion;‘Neuroderm’.
I now have a lovely gentleman as a consultant and have been very fortunate to have been offered DBS and DuDopa, both of which I feel are not for me and are very expensive options.  I think it is much more likely that Neuroderm will be accepted as a treatment option for all PD patients who choose this non invasive option and has only trailed behind DuDopa because of L-Dopas resistance, until now, to liquid formation.
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very interesting results

Looks really good.