Cook book

Can anyone recommend a Cookery Book with recipre for those living with Parkinson’s . My husband is the cook and I woukd like to help him in changing our diet to one which is more Parkinson’s “friendly”. Thank you.

Hi Rabbit1

Did you find anything?

I dont have a specific book to recommend, usually just search the net for something that sounds yummy :yum:
We try to follow a Mediterranean diet as much as possible.
With frequent asian cuisine side trips (amazing fish recipes). Hubby has lost some of his taste so some proper spicy food does the trick :hot_face:

Small edit - Forgot to add that we have removed all processed meats such as cold cuts. Meats are served rarely except for chicken & no ready meals.

Maybe we all could post meal ideas.

Todays lunch Jerusalem artichoke soup with shiitake mushroom toast.

Microgreen salad on the side.

Bon appetit :grinning:

Low protein all the way! Protein interferes with L-dopa absorption. You are not supposed to take medication such as Madopar 30-60 minutes either side of a meal because of this. I check labels for protein content of everything and aim for less than one third protein content in a meal or snack, so the fat, fibre and carbohydrate content cushions the effects. Vegetarian meals and lots of veg really help. ( My husband has diabetes type 1 as well as Parkinsons so he gets a lot of ready meals and veg.)

Hi, Everbody , apologies for the delay in responding. I have been able to gather a number of recipes fiollowing your advice. We are moving towards a vegetarian diet, with the help of our veggie friends.