Coping and quality of life

Dealing with PD mentally is so crucial to your quality of life and that of your loved ones

Hi my name is Ann and i was diagnosed in July 2017 at 60 years of age. I knew there was someting not quite right for about a year and at the time my mother in law was being tested for PD. I then realised the things she was struggling with were same as mine so when consultant confirmed the diagnosis I wasn’t surprised. Like everyone in similar circumstances I have been on quite a journey since then but feel that i am coping most of the time but allow myself the occasional “meltdown” which actually makes me feel better afterwards!!! I try not to get upset in front of my husband as he feels that he should be able to do someting but I am most fortunate that I have a wonerful man in my life. My main obsession and concern is that I dont want to spoil my family’s life and for that reason I am trying to stay strong and choose my moments to get upset!!! Keeping busy and having things to look forward to have also been crucial to me coping. I am fortunate that my symptoms are still largely under control although i do struggle with walking when medication wearing off and that is the main issue for me as walking has been so important all my life…just have to learn to ride a bike I suppose!!! Great having this forum to share my thoughts with thank you


One of my pleasures was walking, not the same now since I was diagnosed last year. Although my partner works with a lady whose father had PD and he used to run marathons in his 80s, i dont know how he managed that.

hello aborthwick
My best advise keep on walking. I also have a bad time walking. I use a cane now and found treck walking poles to work best.(balance) If you quit walking then you become a bigger burden for your family. Also it is a disservice to yourself. It is too easy to stay at home and give up. Yes you are slower. The best pill for the mind is getting out. Male or female makes no difference. We must focus on what we have and not on what we have lost. TomPWP

Your attitude is great. Have you tried humming a March as you walk or, better still, have one playing on your phone and keeping in time? I find it really helpful AND it increases your heartbeats! Or just count in time. Keep moving is the message. Good luck