Coping with stress, anxiety and depression

Hi, I know that stress, anxiety and depression affects many people with Parkinson’s and I would like to share my way of coping. My methods are not for everyone, but if it makes sense to and you think it may help, then great. Firstly, I have never believed in fighting pd, or getting angry with it, because fighting drains energy and what’s the point in geting angry with pd because it can’t be cured yet. I believe accepting it, making peace with it and living and adapting over time. When your fighting and anger are pushed aside there is room for clear thinking and gently adapting to each twist and turn. Everyone has heard of living in the moment, and for me this moment is the only space where joy exists, after all the past is done, you can reflect on the past, if the intention is to learn from mistakes, but never look back in anger, or maybe regret not doing enough exercise because you can’t turn back time. Similarly to look to the future with fear about what might happen, where in reality you hav’nt got a clue what will happen is a waste of energy and time, also the why me attitude is pointless because it is you. I am gardener, and a large portion of my time is spent outside, therefore I get a lot of natural light which is proven to boost happy hormones like seritonin, and just being in nature brings joy and calm and most people can access a green space. The nature of my work, with its physical side releases endorphins, the happy hormone. Indeed most forms of exercise can beneficial. On a more personal side I study Buddhist concepts such as meditation and for me my whole life is meditation, where as a gardener I plant flowers to make myself and the earth smile. This state of mind did’nt happen overnight it came about after many years of trying to tame the negative voices in my head. My poem


A fleeting glimpse of blue,.
Vermilion, mirrored on the surface,
Still waters hold an image,
But for a moment,
Become still waters.

Walk in peace.


I was most interested to read your post as it largely reflects my own attitude to my PD I too accept it as a given, do what i can to meet the challenges it presents but most of all stay positive. I know my way is not for everyone but it suits me and has served me well for a decade. Maybe it won’t always be that way but that is for then, not for the present. I wish you continued peace of mind and pleasure in life even with the challenges PD may bring.

Does stress make your symptoms worse or different?
My younger brother (55) was found dead recently, I am stressed and emotionally worn out.
Myself diagnosed with PD 6 months ago.
My husband undergoing prostate investigations.
My step son and wife just had an early miscarriage.
What next ? :frowning:

Hi Siwan,

I’m so sorry to hear about your younger brother, and I’m also sorry to hear about your step son and wife. It sounds like you’re going through a very tough time at the moment, and it’s not surprising that you’re feeling emotionally worn out.

I’m sure that the other members of the forum will be in touch to offer you support and advice, but I also wanted to let you know that we do have some information and tips on managing your mental health on our website that you might find helpful:

And the Helpline is available to you on weekdays from 9am-6pm, and Saturday: 10am-2pm on 0808 800 0303. They’re there to offer you advice, or to simply have a chat about what you are going through at the moment.

Best wishes to you,
Moderation team.

Hi Siwan, I am sorry to hear about your brother. And also your son’s family, my heart goes out to you.
As the moderator said the Parkinson’s helpline and information is helpful. And the forum can be a place for support.
It doesn’t matter how well you cope with stress it nearly always has an impact on symptoms, it has in the past made my medication less effective, and symptoms like stiffness and In the first year after diagnosis in 2013, insomnia worse.
Try not to think to much about symptoms , and what next, because we don’t know what is next, regarding the future of our lives and people suffering stress often think up worse case scenarios, which makes things worse. Try to stay mindful of that.
A good thing to start with would be support each other within your family and close friends, as sharing can be a great healer. And try not to, and I know it’s hard, not to think life is all bad, you and your family will get through this.
Best wishes for now and the future.

Just wanted to add my support to the comments already made at this particularly difficult time for you and your family. English is a rich language with thousands of words but sometimes there is little one can say that will really help. I hope you will just believe that however clumsy our words the sentiment behind them is honestly meant. It may not feel like it now nor indeed for some time to come but if you can’t believe it at the moment, take it on faith you and your family will come through this. When people are really up against it is often when they find a strength they didn’t know they had, it just takes time. Take care and be kind to yourself.

Many thanks for your thoughts, really appreciated. Good days and bad days
. Next year will be better x smell the coffee, heart in the flowers