Copper pipe

What next copper pipe may cause parkinsons. Is anything in this world safe

Think it will turn out that life may cause Parkinsons every thing ells dose it seems LOL


If that was true we would all have 'Wilsons disease' instead of Parkinson's maybe its just the copper in my wallet and not brass lol'z

Crazy any veiws on this pd forum guys and girls

Dont people wer copper braclets for arthritis?


Your water you drink is through copper pipes mainly


And to your house asbestos

We had asbesos dusdust issu in a store refit years and years ago. The workmen had a fit when the found out one of the girls was pregnant. The big store manager was adamant there was no problem. I think the law has been tightened up a lot since.

Aye porthos  

asbestos we are not allowed to toutch it at work the boss gets specials in to dispose of it that stuffs a killer if it's broken and you breath in fibers , as for copper it's on it's way out pvc pipes. In new houses now . Ach well drink up 


Why does not everybody have parkinsonsons if this is true ?

just another link to pd ,as so many