Hi everyone,
I’m trying to find out if Parkinson’s makes you more susceptible to Coronavirus. Not having much luck.
We’ve got an overseas trip booked for June and family members are urging us to reconsider.
Any thoughts?

A bit way off june not even march yet

Parkinson’s isn’t on the WHO list of conditions which make coronavirus more dangerous but I think there’s a lot they still don’t know.

We’ve got a trip booked in May to visit my son and his family in South Korea so we’re keepng a close eye on developments!

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We’re keeping an eye on develpments before making decisions as a lot can change - we’ve got trips in Europe booked for end April/May & end July/August.

Hi, I have been trying to find out as well, but with no joy. It is a concern. Sue

I have had PD for seven years, I am 61 years old. I am just back from two weeks in Thailand. I had no concerns once I was there as it was a quiet beach resort, no need to be near people at all. I think age is perhaps more of a factor than our condition. I live on the outskirts of London, I would be more concerned travelling on the London tube.

Hi @Rhonda,

Apologies for my delayed response, I was waiting for the information on this to be finalised on the Parkinson’s website. Your concerns are completely valid, however, for people with Parkinson’s there is no increased risk of catching coronavirus. We have more information on this and have gathered key facts and guidance to help you understand how to manage Parkinson’s this winter. Please visit our website for more info here:

I hope this answers your question.

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I’m less concerned about whether PD makes it more likely to catch the virus, than I am that PD will make it more likely that the attack is fatal.

I am a little concerned about the risk of infection at the exercise classes run by my local PUK group. Since the virus is airborne, it seems to me that it will only need one member of the class to be a carrier of the virus for all participants to be infected. Is PUK going to issue advice on this?

Hi @Jane_L,

Your concerns are completely valid and whilst we can’t confirm if it’ll be fatal, we know that there is a slight increased risk of complications if you have coronavirus. However, this is the same for other viruses, such as the flu. Regarding your local PUK group, we are currently putting some information together which we’ll be publishing on the Parkinson’s UK website in the next few days. I’ll update you and the rest of the forum once this has been done.

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Hi Rhonda. I was dx 6 years ago.We are going to Gran Canaria in two weeks. Relax, enjoy a few bevvvies but wash your hands and avoid door knobs! Have a great time

Coronavirus - Food for thought
I was diagnosed with PD in 2011 at the age of 77. I had been experiencing minor tremors down my left side for some time and slowly came around to the conviction that something was wrong. After carrying out some research on the internet I concluded that I had PD and requested an appointment with a Neurologist. An appointment was duly arranged where neuro confirmed that I did indeed have PD. I had an older brother and sister – now deceased – who both had PD so I knew a little (not much) about the condition. We were not a close family and I was not able to glean much help or advice from them. Shortly after diagnosis, my symptoms suddenly increased and made me anxious. I was not taking medication initially as I was more fearful of the drugs than of PD itself. Such was my anxiety that I began to focus on “End of Life” and the later stages of PD. I even contacted “Dignitas” in Switzerland to investigate how they operated. I subsequently came around to the view that ending my life in Switzerland was not as straight forward as I had assumed with too much red tape involved and ceased my enquiries,

Over time, I have learned to live with PD and slowly but gradually, adjust to my symptoms as they have advanced. When I read of the experiences of others on this forum, I now realise that I have not fared too badly and consider my self to have been relatively fortunate. However, I am now approaching the age of 86 and “End of Life” is something that I am now thinking about again. This is particularly relevant at the present time with Corona Virus in our midst. Within the last week, Covid-19 has been diagnosed in my home town and obliged my wife and I to give it more serious consideration. My wife is in her mid 70,s and disabled with MS confining her to a wheelchair. We no longer have a car and are not able to travel far. We have to content ourselves with the facilities that are available to us locally. The highlight of our day is Morning Coffee in town which we rarely miss and even a trip to the Supermarket has become an attraction.

All of the above has been occupying our thoughts whilst we considered how best to face Corona virus. Our initial reaction was to advise our children and grand children to limit their visits to see us.We also concluded that we should cancel our trips into town for Morning Coffee and Stock up to reduce our visits to the Supermarket…………… However, after sleeping on the matter and reflecting overnight, I recalled my diagnosis in 2011 and my approach to Dignitas shortly afterwards to consider “End of Life”. Why, I asked myself, should we give up the few joys we have in an attempt to prolong a life I had previously considered terminating and which is nearing its conclusion anyway. If the worst happens and we are faced with death, at least we won’t have to face the expense of paying for it. So, we have decided to continue living our life as previously and face whatever befalls us, hoping the virus will pass us by, but without concession. Food for thought!

It is a difficult decision whether to carry on with our normal activities or isolate ourselves in order to reduce the risk of catching the virus. All we can do is weigh up the pros and cons and keep ourselves well informed, so that if conditions change we can change our plans.

I am 67, but apart from my age I don’t have any of the risk factors. In fact, I’m more worried for my husband, who is my carer, but has slightly raised blood pressure. Most of my activities outside the home are to do with ensuring that I get enough exercise and for the time being I have decided to continue attending them. My husband is at a higher risk of catching the bug because he is a university lecturer,

I have prepared written instructions that if I do get the virus, and I do develop pneumonia, I do not want to be hospitalised. I only have moderate PD at the moment, but late stage PD is rather horrible, whereas pneumonia is a painless death. Of course, if I do develop symptoms I will self isolate for the sake of others.

I’m 82 and apart from this dreadful PD, not in bad shape.
This Corona virus has banged up my anxiety levels to new heights.
Why? I don’t know, but the anxiety, as most know exacerbates PD symptoms. I had a bit of a fall yesterday (no damage) but it has knocked my confidence level a bit, so struggling.
This new virus could be a problem, so I’m self isolating as much as possible.
Hey ho! Good luck,

Can I ask about coronavirus and Parkinson’s patients of working age? My husband is a PWP and works full time (age 53). What are the self-isolation recommendations for people in his position? Thanks for any help¬

Hi Susan. We’ve got lots of Parkinson’s-specific information and advice on the coronavirus situation on our website, here:

You can also reach out to our Helpline for more detailed advice. You can reach them via email at [email protected], or call free on 0808 800 0303. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 7pm, and on Saturday from 10am-2pm.

Hope this helps.

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