Hi All,

           I'm Cossy, I'm 60 and I've been dx just over a month. I have had PD symptoms for about 4 years however. I seem to be recognizing new symptoms everyday. Is this happening with anyone else? No 2 days appear the same. I am taking 125 Sinemet 3x daily at present but expect to have this altered on Monday when I.  see the PD nurse. One thing I have noticed is that the meds wear off some time before the next dose is due. Do any of you guys find this ? I hope to get to know my way around the forum in time and chat about our various gripes, moans and groans till then , be safe be happy.


Hi cossy welcome to the forum ! I was diagnosed sep so very recent like you . I am 45 . Looking back like many people on here I've had various symptoms for a few years . I'm taking azilect - some effect . Not taking any other pd meds yet but I've read it's common for them to wear off before next ones due . No two days are the same are they ? I feel really stiff and sore today but had first hydrotherapy session yesterday . It was helpful and I felt better yesterday . Main problem for me is right side problem with walking and this leg and foot . I work full time have two children well ones 19 now the other 12 . I'm very busy which keeps me active . Take care keep in touch 

Thanks Madison.  Its comforting to know that other people have similar experiences to mine.  I thought I was going nuts with all the changes everyday. I will probably know more after the PD nurse on Monday. 

Pd seems to affect people in different ways although many people's symptoms are similar . I know what you mean about recognising new symptoms everyday . I suppose once they've diagnosed something you do spot things more as well and put it down to that . Keep positive - you sound like you are . Some people on this forum have had pd for years . They are very knowledgeable about the subject and a great help ..