Cost of living non payment, ESA (contributory), support group

i am a young onset female with Parkinsons, have been in ESA support group for many years which meant I was placed on contributory ESA. I am medically no longer fit to work.

As i am on cotributory ESA I am NOT entitled to the cost of living -payment.
Does anyone have the same experience or advice please

Hi @hawkeye :wave: ,

I’m sorry to see no one from the community has come by to share their experiences and suggestions with you - ESA is a topic that many of our members are well versed in navigating.

We have a support page on ESA that you can look over for some information on the matter - it may help answer some questions for you.

Beyond that however, I would suggest speaking with one of our advisers on the helpline (0808 800 0303) regarding this. They will not only answer any further questions you may have, but can also offer suggestions and provide you with resources on financial support.

Best wishes,
Forum Moderation Team