Coughing After Eating

I’ve started having a bit of a cough after eating. It feels chesty. Anyone else get this?

Hi JonJoe
Have you noticed any changes with your swallowing? Sometimes with PD there can be changes in the swallowing which may be quite subtle but I would mention it to your GP, consultant or Parkinsons nurse just to be sure.

Hi JonJoe.

I don’t often have a meal without coughing. Eating nuts don’t help, but you would expect that.

Also any meal is ruined by a runny nose. I have found that Rinatec works some of the time, and have tried others.

I don’t how many are affected by coughing, but then Parkinsons has quite a few odd side effects. I often sneeze as well, usually when I have a mouth full of food. Another odd trick, but we have to live with it…

All the best for Christmas!

Yes. Coughing and a runny nose. I need a drink to be able to eat. I’ve been like this for a few years and now wonder if it was an early symptom.

I am eight years into PD and in the last two I have developed a problem especially with my ‘Fruit and Fibre’ in the mornings of catching food at the back of my throat, which then starts a sneezing reflex. It is very odd, and I swear one day its going to choke me! I could, of course, just give up Fruit and Fibre, but I do rather love it.